Invasive Maneuvers

Yesterday I wanted to invade another world.

I meticulously planned it out (that means I finally found my go pro camera) and gathered my ice fishing stuff together for the invasion. I needed drilling equipment (ice auger) to penetrate the barrier to the underworld. I needed a stick(I cut a thick willow stick), line (very strong) a hook and bait to plunder said underworld (our frozen over lake). I needed an ATV and sled to safely drive onto the barrier (20 inches of ice will hold my truck).

Have a look. I invaded. I came, I saw, I plundered and ate the spoils!

I’m like that 4th fish. I like to think I ignore most things, especially media, out there

Aside from the temps dropping with a very cold breeze I looked into a world that none of us could survive for more than a couple of minutes without scuba gear and a very warm suit. We would then last long enough to run out of air unless we found an exit from this world and into ours again.

Have you ever had dreams like this? I haven’t (not true). My brother and I put a pickup (dads brand new 4×4) through the ice one time. I do not recommend this as it generates dreams, bad ones, for the rest of your life.

I can think of all kinds of ways we invade each others world and all kinds of ways the rest of the world tries. Advertisers, sales, every kind of media and now drones (I had to throw that one in). I can think of how God invaded our world and then became like us for a reason (Christmas and Easter, John 3:16, do you know about this?)

To the fish and underwater world I am an invasive marauder (in my defense that‘s natures way (eat or be eaten). I willingly admit I love fishing and fish fries.

To my fellow human beings; let’s learn how to love one another and just overlap in each others worlds gently with generosity and good will. Kindness on social media would be a great start. Me, I take all kinds of people fishing. We talk and break bread together over a meal of fresh fish FILLETED BONELESS

By the way, look closely at that fish. some of it is fresh fried fish eggs, the roe sac in a northern pike is extremely good (Ok, it’s not for everyone but there’s no bones).

Go ahead, name some basic invasion maneuvers where you are gifted in other worlds. Me, I’m on a learning curve with the go pro (and a few people), I wonder if they make underwater drones?


Published by Gary Fultz

Outdoors Man, Hunter, Fisherman, Guide, Writer / Author, Photographer, Public Speaker, Musician, Song Writer, Story Teller, Follower Of Jesus. Love God and family and total strangers

58 thoughts on “Invasive Maneuvers

  1. Huzzah! To the victor belong the spoils.
    Looks like you sure know how to cook ’em, too.

    I invade the cyberworld with my blog and our church’s websites. 😊 I like to think that God uses me to make spoil the plans of the prince of this world.

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    1. I did. I have caught over 30 for various fry pans in the last couple weeks. facing the right direction. 3 while the camera was actually running but didn’t capture all the catches as my camera was directionally challenged for some time.

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    1. I would miss it too as it gets in ones blood. The adventure of being there, seeing and catching the fish, getting cold if the heater kicks out and the ATV stranding one on the lake when going home. you can remind Nathan of the last two but if he’s like me it will want him to go all the more…what’s with that about some guys?

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  2. Awesome video Gary! I loved my go-pro when I did my backpack trip in Peru on the Inca trail to Machu Picchu. But, to be honest, all I could think about was tasting those pike filets! My friend and I would take my boys up to the Adirondacks on the Raquette River and catch pike and walleye. He was the best at boning those filets. He made a combo potato and corn flake batter and we fried them in butter . . . To Die For! Yum!

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    1. What great adventures Ron. Yes, they are delicious. Cold, Clean Fresh Boneless fish fillets rubbed clean in snow. Crushed Corn flakes make them crispy fried for sure. I so wish you could get here for some of that adventure some day.

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    1. Thanks Alan. If I had some “Jaws” music in the background when I took 3 little grandsons fishing, there would have been 3 holes in my fish house about their size when a big fish came into view down the hole suddenly. There are so many applications. I told the boys that when Jesus returns he won’t knock on the door, he will be here quicker than a pike in the hole…”WOW” was their response.

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    1. Well Crissy, I admit the first draft would have had the same reaction as my own…Too Much coffee Gary?
      The more I think about it the more applications there are. We truely are created unique in the image of God but tend to develope our own, highly guarded little universe. Only some allow God in it.

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    1. Thank You Tom. That analogy has been a spring board for conversation with many a fisherman for me. The video brings one sure was different then what I could see from hovering over the hole in the ice looking down

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  3. A lesson from a fisherman- a most welcomed read. Thank you Gary for the underwater perspective, for the well worded admonition to invade others worlds with kindness, gentleness, and goodwill, and for the plateful picture that has my mouth watering (the fare in my neck of the woods is mostly sunnies, crappie bass and trout). May the Lord continue to bless your fish fry ministry.

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  4. Great Ted.
    I have a go Pro Hero 3 camera that fits into a waterproof case. Divers use it. I drilled two holes in the lake, one for fishing and another about 30 ” away to record at about the same level. I also had to shovel snow out 30 feet to let light go through the thick ice and underwater for a recording. Being I put it on a string the camera turned back and forth and missed several fish catches and a big one going by. I’m definitely a beginner but got enough footage for people to get the idea. One fish actually hit the camera. fun time but it was below zero outside so setting up and taking down adds to the adventure


  5. I love, love, love this! I’d rather fish than do anything, so I am so looking forward to my retirement, whenever that is. The GoPro view was fabulous! Man, you didn’t give those fish a chance. I’ve yet to icefish, but a friend I began hunting with this past season is going to take me out. Can’t wait! I love fish roe, too! I grew up in the south and we ate a lot of roe. Yellow and white… You know the difference! Great piece, Gary! Thank you for sharing!
    PS… I’m in northern’ish Indiana, so ice fishing will happen at some point.

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    1. you are sure welcome Kevin! Thanks for the comment, for some unknown reason your comment went to my spam in word press. You are not being censored are you?..sorry. I bet the cold weather has hit you well enough to freeze some of your ponds and lakes rather well by now. It was -32 here yesterday. I might need an extension on my ice auger if this keeps up.

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    2. Ya, The dog and I frisked about this morning in the snow as it is the warmest day for the week and the remainder of the week. I guess cold is seriously relative as it’s -15 now headed toward -6 for a high…- 30 tonight for 3 nights again…then spring??? well at least above zero for highs….sigh I tell people that it’s -132 below room temperature so it makes us feel like we are brave.

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  6. I don’t blame you Anna, but you are missing out on…ok may be your not missing out. It was -32 at our place this morning. add the wind chill and it was close to minus 60. Sadly it will not be the coldest day of the year.

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  7. Gary, I love this post and am glad to find you on this wonderful community. I’d love to ice fish. I might have successfully maneuvered some basic trout fishing in my life. And there’s nothing like a fish fry in my neck of the woods to allow us to relish the glories. Otherwise, I’m maneuvering with grace and faith in the daily grind.

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    1. Thanks Karla, Trout sounds good. I have a couple lakes nearby for trout but mostly walleye and northern pike.
      I saw in your blog that you were adventurous and loved the woods, You just need warmer clothes for winter and you are set for ice fishing here. Yesterday morning it was -32 You write well by the way.

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      1. Thank you, Gary. I’d love that experience of ice fishing! I’ve had some situations that required lots of warm clothing-and this would be great reason! Thank you for your kind words about my writing as well. The same to you!

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    2. If you and your husband ever go north in the winter for a vacation, there is plenty of places to get a fish house rental. If ever near us, I would just take you guys out fishing. I take a lot of people fishing (kind of my personal ministry and hobby) On some of the big lakes there are places where they actually put up street signs and dominos delivers to your fish house. We are in the sticks near where the Mississippi river begins. Seriously, Put it on you bucket list to ice fish.


    1. You have special and deep insights Manette, you invade well. I love meeting and watching all those whom God has gifted in their own special way and circumstance. Yes, we have many great surprises come eternity.


    1. Thanks
      Some years it really piles up and it’s god to be careful. Other years (like this year) it comes in small increments (probably 6 inches or less at a time). Now it’s been real cold -30s for lows the last week through tonight. when it warms up we will get more snow I think.

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  8. ah, you are definitely south of cold weather. We average 50-75 inches a winter. a real bad storm can dump three feet on us, usually ending in heavy winds which closes everything down. can’t see in whiteout conditions


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