River , no danger here emailThis is about the heart beat of the great outdoors. Adventures of every kind await anyone who gets out there. I live amongst lakes,rivers, deer and bear country. What that means is growing a garden just feeds the animals and the grill is not safe on our screen porch from any number of bear that feel whats yours is mine.

The deeper into the wilderness one goes, the more there is a feeling of relating to nature and knowing how small and arrogant we are as a human race. There is a God and it’s not us.  Nature consistently displays truths of the eternal Creator God who made it all. I hope to bring out some of those truths I have noticed in my wilderness and nature adventures. I hope to scratch the surface of eternal truths one might almost understand with a finite mind…enjoy

By the way, the header picture was taken from a river deep in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in northern Minnesota. That day there were walleye running over our feet when we hit the shallow rapids areas. To date my next trip will be #66 this spring. I feel privileged and thankful for every time I am able to enjoy God’s creation. Every day new stories could be told and I will occasionally put one into print with a life lesson attached or a new perspective. Please feel free to make helpful comments and I will visit your blog as well when you  make yourself known when you “Like” something.

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  1. I’ve been enjoying perusing your stories, and lingering with your photos. And I must say I do rather fancy the little nook in cyberspace that you’ve carved out here. Good job, Sir. My privilege to follow your blog!


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  2. I love your About Page and the glory you bring to our God. ❤ Looking forward to following along on your adventures. Photography is a ministry that God was so kind to leave for us. It allows us to see some of the majestic things of God that we may otherwise never know of.
    Praying for you! God loves you!

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    1. Thank you so much Gail
      I totally agree that Photography gives us a unique perspective. God pushes us to share what he gives doesn’t He.
      As you know…The whole world needs to know God loves us and wants our Love. Gaillovesgod is a great handle.

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      1. PTL! Thank you, Gary!
        The 2 most important things I try to make sure everyone knows in whatever brief moment He gives us with others is:
        1. God loves you! ❤
        2. Gail loves God! aka (I love God! ❤ )


  3. I love Nature and I find peace and comfort when I am outside with all the beautiful things God created. I have done a lot of camping in my lifetime. I try never to miss a sunrise or sunset.

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      1. Was raised in the Pacific Northwest part of the U.S. Love those Rocky Mountains. Have spent lots of time in the great outdoors. I do love the wilderness areas with their beauty and quiet. The creatures of this world are something I love to photograph. I know you have a great time on your many adventures.

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  4. Hi Gary,
    We found your blog when you found ours. Looking forward to hearing the inspiration God supplies to you as you pause and listen to creation.
    These are difficult days and listening to the One who controls it all and loves us best is the safest place to be.
    Tom and Debi

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    1. Thanks karla
      Me too. I continuously sort life out in the woods and on the lakes. Nature displays Gods. Creativity. In its own storms and suffering, whispers eternal things


  5. I especially like this statement: “I hope to scratch the surface of eternal truths one might almost understand with a finite mind…” It reminds me that as much as we like to explain everything, we still “see through a glass darkly.” Blessings, Gary!

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    1. So true Cindy. We were made for more than we can see, think, feel, express or experience. One particular day we might think so deeply that we know it was a gift from God to even get there. We know it happened, but, we cannot retrace our steps the next day

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