Baste for impressive Grilling…wherever

I’m an outdoor guy to give some context, and we eat well! this is what works for me.

After you gather some salad dressings, extra seasonings, a splash of soy sauce, seasonings and mustard, do a taste test. Make sure it’s a little spicier than you like (Hmm…needs some ghost pepper? Um, no)

Marinade that steak

This is your marinade and basting sauce. This is key. Now grill and baste to your perfection. Mine is medium well and the meat is still limber and tender.

Baste those steaks eml

Baste and flip, Baste and Flip. Get a glaze going. Medium well as pictured. Also check out the miners mix seasonings. They are my personal favorite and no preservatives.

Let some of these basted meat pictures convince you. Thanks for reading, but try this yourself if you feel there could be more to your meat.

Click on a picture for a slide show.

As you can tell, I am an outdoor guy. I believe in making the best food possible with what you have, and we have some of the best meals in the great outdoors. Amen


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Adventure and Fear: The Hunt and Haunt

Confessions of an adrenaline junkie

I have this….um; weakness, bent, brash drive and pure happenstance existence to dive into the unknown. At least it’s unknown to me and usually those (un)lucky enough to be along. Consider these true and unembellished snippets.

A teenager and I rescued a drowning man about to hit a cascading rapids after seven inches of rain fell the night before. The very large man couldn’t swim, his canoe had rolled and we didn’t know if our canoe would sink in the roiling waters. (the teen screamed and yelled the whole time that we were crazy). We barely escaped with our lives. We had nightmares for a very long time. I was not afraid at the time.

Numerous times I have driven bear from our campsites in the BWCA including getting our food back from one in the middle of the night. The word crazy was the most spoken word the rest of the trip. I had nightmares for a long time. The “what if’s” haunted me. I was not afraid of this huge bear at the time.

BWCA 2011 June 1 084

55 feet is really high

I dove off rock cliffs 55′ high (swan dives only). I beat my record of a 9′ high dive into a pool. You guessed it. In my dreams I land on my back or break too soon underwater and break my back. We were 17 portages and 30 miles into the wilderness. I was not afraid to Jump over the lone tree below the cliff to get to the deep water at the time.

Steep Rocks

A really tough portage over the rocks and thru the woods

I have led groups through harsh woods with no trail looking for the ultimate lake very few humans have ever seen, much less fished. Anyone wearing shorts will never do so again. I have a nephew who put on his rain pants for protection. He ended up shredding his pants so bad he looked like a giant bass lure with a rubber skirt.

I have led winter trips into the wilderness on snowshoes and skis. One time we tried to find a trout lake through the woods by moonlight. We weren’t lost, just a little off as our compasses read different directions from the large amount of iron ore in the rocks around us. We found the lake the next day. It was a wonderful stroll through waist deep snow below zero by moonlight until panic came over a couple guys.  We tramped the snow with the snowshoes, made a fire, a meal and slept under the stars in the snow. It was really great! I do not ever remember being afraid.

The coldest time was with a group of teenagers at -38 (F). It warmed to zero before we came out with no lives lost. Good times! I have stories and dreams on this one also.

Funny story at -30 (f) below zero in the wilderness: Someone brought tin cups to drink out of. Our lips froze to the edge of the cup with steaming hot drink in it. above the liquid line was frost. Below was very hot steam. We had to tip up the cup gently to thaw out our lips off the cup to drink. It was a learning curve to live with half frozen burt lips. OK, not so funny at the time. But, I was not afraid.

“Would you help me lead a group into the wilderness?” I asked my boss (this was after another harrowing incident). His answer took me back. “Do I look like I want to die? crazy things always happen wherever you go. He was right.

Day Trip

Yes, the water disappeared and we had to bushwack another 3/4 mile through a bog and a burnt off area this last trip. We found the lake! Another person vowed to never wear shorts again. 

What is it about adventure,  risk taking or just being me? My oldest daughter takes after me. When she got married in college she joined a roofing crew while her husband waited tables at a nice restaurant. The other day she texts my wife”I broke my leg in a couple places” My wife messaged back what any normal mom would, “which one?” Daughter: “the other one”.  Is it really a family thing? Is this genetic?

Yes, there have been accidents. Several emergency life threatening incidents. In 2000 my wife and I were with three other couples when the 100mph straight line winds hit. With huge trees snapping off 20-30 feet  around us and the tops blowing fifty plus fet before hitting the ground, we were at the mercy of God. Literally. We were there on horseshoe lake eating lunch and in less than a minutes time hugging small cedars and wondering if we would survive. But I was not afraid. The stories on our lake alone are harrowing. See more here.

No one seems to mention that the lightning storm that night was probably more dangerous with strikes averaging one per second, sometimes several per second and short lulls in between. This was an all night storm and extremely dangerous. We laid on ground pads, life jackets and all our clothes to keep us from electricity traveling through the ground hunting us. I knew real fear for the first time.

Several trips passed and a buddy and I launched our canoe to tackle high waves. They were much higher than we thought. We made it around the bend in front of high rock cliffs and tipped into icy waters (Ice off a few days before). The waves washed us clinging to our packs and canoe against the rock face. They crashed us up the face almost 10 feet and down again being battered by the canoe. We worked our way around the face shoving off with our feet and were helped by the rest of the group up to safety.

We lost gear and much body heat. If we had made it further into the lake we would not have survived. Again I knew fear, but not so much from the waves or the cold. I did not know that a person could drown with their life jacket on and their head above water. Every breath we took was full of wind blown water droplets collecting in our lungs. It did not take us long to realize this would kill us in a short period of time given the conditions. Of all the dreams that haunt me, this is the big one. It’s bigger than the time my brother and I put a pickup through the ice…(another story, another time).

Maybe fear is healthy, but it is also haunting. Fear stalks when there is a lull in the action. In my case I need fear. I now have it but didn’t like the way it came. It is ironic that I have the most fear at a time when I am most competent to lead wilderness trips.

I will not try to conquer fear but rather harness it for wisdom sake. I am way more careful, alert to potential danger, knowledgeable of dangerous situations and better at calculating risk and knowing what the worst possible outcome could be. I like to think I am older and wiser (no one has come forward to confirm or deny this yet). I do have some advice out of this. We have talked about this around the camp fire!

Storie telling time email

The fun and the serious talks need to happen. They will. Great times, when done right!

1) Don’t let fear stop an adventure. Let common sense do it.

2) Listen to advice from the group before jumping. You may not know your limitations.

3) become aware of your surroundings, animal signs, weather, food usage, anyone limping or complaining of something wrong (headache is possible dehydration or sunburnt eyes from water glare).

4) Never lead a group alone. Have another competent person along who can lead.

5) Be aware of group dynamics and know how to influence them for the better. If you can’t do this you should not be the leader of a group.

6) Learn to be the servant of the group. You cook great food (they should cook as well), You set the bar on cleanliness and obeying the environmental rules. Respect, model respect and you are then qualified to teach respect for each other and the environment.

7) Don’t take life and death risks unless saving someone. Be willing to die trying or give out a disclaimer beforehand that you won’t.

8) Be ready to stand before God if you do die. Think of it as the ultimate preparation. It’s actually not a “just in case” deal as we will all die sometime. Just saying, be ready for anything…including fear for the first time.

Be careful out there. Don’t do what I did. Learn from me what not to do! Now I just have calm and safe trips…(ya right..I heard that!)



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Experimental Grilling

Steaks marinated, basted,grilled
Yes I did. I put all that stuff on these steaks a few hours before grilling and brushed it on while grilling. Yes, it was good.

Do you realize how many seasonings are in some of our dressings ment for salads? Forget the salad only idea. I know a restaurant that bastes it’s grilled chicken with french dressing as a base. People come far and wide for this chicken. Obviously there is a little more to it but it’s a good start. Trust me, even the start works.

Our evening meal cooked on the screen porch er..grilled, was a hit. It was another experiment of course as all my cooking is. Well, never the same twice. have a peek!

Sirloin Sauce eml

I turned the marinade into a basting sauce.

Sirloin 3eml.jpg

Fresh corn and sirloin from grass fed beef fattened on sugar bet tailings…sorry folks but most restaurant food pales in comparison except for the chefs turned loose in the kitchen.

This last year my wife and I picked up an infrared grill for these kind of occasions.

sirloin 4eml

Grill and serve. Corn in the husk stays hot until the husks are removed. A great screen porch or outdoor picnic meal.

Sometimes I put a combination of veggies in a grilling dish with a little olive oil applied before hand. It’s good. For fun I have put some large precooked shrimp in with the veggies. It’s good! Quarter some half baked potatoes, skin on and baste them with a buttered garlic and chipotle seasoning as they grill. Eat the skins and all. Again…Really good.

Above all. Experiment people! Use good veggies and meats.  load up on the spices (go to miners mix and get some with no preservatives in them). You will thank me.

My last tip. Try grilling, basting, using marinades and so on with a little spiced cooking oil. Maybe it’s just me who likes spice? Didn’t think so. Is it just me who likes adventure? didn’t think so.

Next Step: when you get a fun combination of great foods, have a grilling party. share. Get to know your neighbors better. Have fun experimenting! And oh ya, put some of these berries pictured below over ice cream to celebrate.

Strawberries our plants eml

I love God, my wife, family, country, hunting ,fishing, cooking, grilling and really good food. Maybe not always in that order. I Hope this blog gave you a new idea or push to experiment. Life is shorter, make it count!

your comments are very welcome

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Biscuits and Gravy Tweaks

It’s the little details that change “good” to “great”, especially in preparing and serving  food. I have some Biscuit and Gravy tips for you to try on the trail or in the kitchen.

I am off work today so I thought I would recreate a great BWCA camp breakfast in the comfort of our own kitchen. Pay attention to a few details for a great meal. Here goes!

B&G Sausages1) Seasonings and Sausage selection: Try a “HOT” flavored tube sausage. The seasonings have had time to work through the sausage. Temper the flavor with a regular sausage if you must.   Use a chipotle seasoning and some crushed garlic for extra flavor and kick if needed. The sausage will come with Red Pepper for taste and heat.

For those needing an exact step by step  recipe, I am not very helpful. Just follow a recipe and shake some extra seasonings in after tasting. Black pepper is a must! Remember, these are tips to add to your recipe.

B&G Sausage and flour2) Soak up and caramelize the extra oils. The grease fried off the sausage has all the flavor. Sometimes I add a couple glugs of olive oil when browning the sausage. To merge in the oil and grease, put in enough flour to soak up the grease and keep browning. The gummy mixture will caramelize a bit and turn brown (do not burn) for better taste as well as texture. Immediately add your gravy base and milk (or water depending on your base) and stir.. Burnt gravy is unfit for bear or coon raiding camp!

I have a couple of possible suggestions for making your gravy base. Both work well if you want more then a white peppered paste. Please want more!

B&G secret base

Use an “Our Family” cream of mushroom base


Use a “Southeastern mills” prepackaged base




Mix and stir until you get the right consistency. I use milk for thinning out and a flour and water paste for thickening or just adding bulk to the gravy.

B&G recipe3) Time to make biscuits. Choose wisely. Actually how you make the biscuit is more important than any single recipe. I have used a complete pancake mix and water on a wilderness camp site with tinfoil (makeshift reflector oven) as my greased pan in front of the fire. It works and tastes good.

A couple of biscuit tips: A) Use flour to give it “break-apart” layers. Make the biscuit dough and set the lump of well mixed dough on a flat surface dusted with flour. sprinkle flour on top and flatten to 3/4 to 1″ thick. Fold over, squish down again with another sprinkle of flour. fold over again and flatten to 1″ (this is an important tip). Cut out biscuits with a cutter or a glass to the dimension you desire.

B) Thickness is important. I like 1″  biscuit dough because after baking they come apart 4 ways because of the flour sprinkled between the layers. When they are baked, only the outside is crispy and brown with a large area of flaky white biscuit. Thin biscuits tend to become little frisbees very quickly if not watched in the oven.

B&G biscuts and gravy

4) Bake the biscuits and taste test, with the gravy, the poorest looking biscuit. Add ghost pepper if they are still not spicy enough (You will need a towel to wipe the sweat off your forehead if you add ghost pepper).

5) Finally: Make more then you can share so there is some left for you. The gravy and biscuits pictured will not make it very far and the guys usually polish off the biscuits first with gravy or butter and jelly. Somehow I know I will see gravy piled up on the plates hash browns and eggs as well as the biscuits (that’s just not right!).  I made a pot of gravy and three pans of biscuits for our church men’s breakfast tomorrow morning. Fun times!

Yep…not working today, Just puttering and experimenting in the kitchen. An unusual post for me. hope you try it sometime. Let me know your tweaks!


PS…I might let you know how the steaks turned out another time…

Steaks marinated, basted,grilled

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Fishing is always good

Sometimes the catching is good as well.  I am happy to represent truth in this statement. I have a natural bent for life on the water and in the woods. The more remote the better. Maybe parts of our DNA bent are like-minded you and I. Maybe not! Maybe you think my DNA is a little too bent. If you have not experienced a remote wilderness trip, maybe some pictures will help you decide how far up the bucket list a BWCAW trip should be?

Trip # 63 for me, it’s more than worth the work getting there! Click to enlarge and enjoy.



Stories abound! Fish caught, bushwhacking through burned areas to lakes with no access, great open fired food, failed live wells (all the fish escaped) and friendships deepened. Deep conversations and unbelievable scenery with a few mosquitoes and black flies thrown in. I have been blessed with friends and family on these trips. I believe my son has logged almost a quarter of the trips. I have so much to be thankful for.  It’s about the catching, but if all I catch is fish, I miss out on most of what I could have caught. Life is like that. 

In your busy world. Do you pause to fish? what do you take time to catch? Slow down to a canoe pace, cook something from scratch, start a long and deep conversation and pause to look at the night stars and long to know your creator as intended from the beginning of time. Take the time for a timeless journey because fishing is always good!


And just for the record, yes, we caught a lot of fish!

There are no “do overs” in life, but you can go fishing again and again!


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A Take on Time

Bears 5 Pan
I’m on vacation. We traveled a few states away to abscam four of our grandkids for awhile and be an ever so small influence. wide open spaces, lakes and forests is our abode. They live in town.

We watched mama with 4 cubs for an hour with them in front of the house. We went fishing, 4 wheeling, roasted and burned many marshmallows for smores. Deer walked through the yard and turkeys fed in the fields. yep, really good times!

smores eml

Our early rising (5am) little man sat with me drinking a manly drink of creamed coffee on the screen porch a few mornings and discussed life far beyond his years. Good times! I think he is a budding poet with unique insights. Write them down Bud.

Kentucky Boys 2 eml.jpg

I’m on vacation but just from the workplace. I hope to never take vacation from family, God and country. There are important things in life and urgent things in lifeI am often caught up in the urgent with no time for the important.4 wheeling eml.jpg

I will leave you with that thought as I type in the middle of a milling family ready for coffee time. I like you people in the blogosphere but I will take no more of our time for now. I need to be with them for a few more days.

Oscars Crappie 2018 eml



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Wilderness Food Planning for the unorganized (like I should talk)

I was in the grocery store for a couple hours (seemed like) with a cart load of camping food and my cart disappeared. It was just gone. I found it two isles over being pushed by a very small elderly women with a friend pushing a similar cart. They were shopping together. When I asked her when she was going camping and trying out the smores. her partner being quicker of mind started laughing. The look on my cart abductors face would have gone viral. I told her she could keep the cart if she liked my food choices. Minutes later they were still laughing in the next isle…made my day.BWCA food 2 eml
I am an expert in unorganized. (62) trips has as many stories and more suggestions about “next time”. This year will be (12) meals for (6) people in the wilderness by canoe, portaging from lake to lake and catching some (probably a lot of) fish.

A wagon load of groceries finally appeared on our screen porch. Not by accident mind you, but by semi-careful planning. I am not much of a planner or organizer type person. (62) BWCAW trips have taught me to get way outside of my comfort zone on the planning end of life.  Now I have a list of how to go about getting the food right.

    1. Menu. List each meal of food ingredients, what to drink and dessert if any.
    2. Master ingredient list. a number beside each ingredient for number of meals used.
    3. Cooking and campsite aids. Salt, pepper, ghost pepper, garlic, T.P., zip lock bags and so on.
    4. Buy the food
    5. Repackage the food in waterproof bags by the meal and put in cooking directions (anyone in camp can cook with the menu on hand and directions to each meal)
    6. Label meals. Put each meal in a grocery bag and label it (ie…#1 lunch), on label state meat added (if frozen stuff in collapsible cooler is an option).
    7. Shop again for all the stuff you forgot to put on the list and possibly are missing from the little ole lady putting stuff back (I’m missing (4) things…at least).
    8.  Pack all meal packages in food pack before leaving on the trip. Put in vehicle that you are taking (important. really important. triple check and stop at the 1st gas station enroute and check again).

Simple is good. Just follow the steps. Notice the progression…Focus Gary focus. You can do this (I’m already catching trophy walleye from my canoe on a pristine lake 16 portages and a mile of bushwhacking where few humans have ever seen).

BWCA food line eml

My assembly line for (2) trail lunch’s.  in a quart bag per person: mixed nuts, dried banana chips, dried mango, dried pineapple, dried blueberries, granola bar, nut bar, jerky sticks, and a couple cookies.

BWCA trail meal eml

Filling, fits in fanny pack or a pocket. munchies for noon and after. On the water, hiking or lost.

BWCA menu and meals eml

As you can see I have a loose structure but it usually works for me. This allows me to announce to the group “we eat to live not live to eat”. I usually hear “speak for yourself” comments  when I leave the cold stuff in the freezer (forgotten at home) as we are whittling out our spoons, forks and knives. Ah… bonding times in the camp site!

There are rewards to planning. you get to eat. Everyone can have a part in cooking if there are directions. we cook over open fire grates so learning fire building and heat control is important. A little stove is as well if there is a fire ban. Bringing the fuel for the stove helps.

BWCA june 07pork steaks on the grill

Ya, I’m looking for a spatula, fork or stick to flip these sunny side up steaks. planning ahead helps

River , no danger here email

I make fun of planning but I know it is off the charts important

Every year we talk in depth on our plans for the future, relationship stuff, hopes, dreams and tell stories. We sense the peaceful solitude helps us align life’s priorities. I want to stay madly in love with my wife of 41 years. We have not had a bad year relationally. Rich, poor, sickness and health. We have done all of it. We are growing, learning and facing the future together. It’s serious to say “til death do us part” and some day it will as it has done to parents on both sides. this is serious stuff for this free wheeling non-planner kind of guy. The fish are biting!

  On the most serious and personal note: Some day I will meet the author and giver of life and I aim to be prepared. I do not have (62) trips for a warm up to spend eternity with God. There will be no” do overs” on this life. I have sat on a rock on shore or around the fire in the deepest of conversation with many people on knowing God personally. Maybe we need to talk. I sure do. My plans are so poor. It’s a good thing God has made that plan for us (it’s a good thing to read the Bible. Read the book of John and understand John 3:16. yes that’s the verse so many make fun of, but God won’t let anyone steal that shopping cart! It holds the stuff of eternal life. Better then chocolate and marshmallows roasted over the fire. I asked God for smores in heaven. We will see on that one.


46 inch pike

46″ Pike, his head is bigger than mine. Released. We do not swim there anymore. Yes I was younger.

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A Distracted Mind

I get distracted easily. Well I really don’t, but my mind wanders into every nook and cranny around. Once in awhile (or less, but don’t take a poll) My mind goes off on an imaginary journey if I don’t keep it on a short leash.

Grey Squirrel 1 eml

Look, Squirrel!

Focus Gary, focus!

Help Gary’s mind stay inbounds solution: Noise canceling wifi headphones! Download all kinds of nature sounds to drown out all other distractions and thus I will get my work done error free. Gary loves nature! this is a slam dunk in the basketball world.

I am not sure how many nature sounds are available but there is enough to last the day or even a week in five to six minute playing time increments. Just hit shuffle and you go from one to another without catching your breath in between. What an adventure! I am actually able to focus more on my work but there is an occasional hiccup as my mind encounters the wild.

YA, there goes Gary’s mind again!

I now have a long list of items to aid in using those nature sounds. I have a few of them on hand but see for yourself…I have only begun!

Nature stuff 2 eml

Rain gear, spray lube, repellents, helmet, head net and swatter. It’s a start!

A Gary Adventure

There I was doing my work. I put my headphones on and I am, wow, on a nice beach with the waves gently lapping for a few minutes and then bang! thunder, lightening (saw it in my mind), and it started to rain. I knew I was getting wet and me without any rain gear. The rain subsided after five minutes and the mosquitoes came out. One lit on my back and I couldn’t reach it. My whole back started itching. The black flies were buzzing my head. One flew into my ear.  I could only picture my mosquito net somewhere in my camping equipment boxes as I looked for something to stick that fly in my ear.

The nice birds started singing pleasantly and the crickets started rubbing their legs together and make their evening cricket music. I heard and smelled the campfire. This was not so bad but one cricket was real close and I was wishing for some spray lube for that crickets legs. I must have built that fire close to a bees nest because they began buzzing all around me. Now I’m thinking an epipen might be a good investment if I go here again.

I wandered out to the beach again and a flock of distant sea gulls started heading my way. They were all looking at me and their squacks told me their intentions. I ran for the trees off the beach. I know exactly where my helmet is at home but I am frozen in place as I think I hear a rattle snake. I now need a snake stick! I would look for one but there’s something big in the woods. Sounds hungry.

I was exhausted by the end of the day. Like I said, I have a long list of things to get for my nature adventures to help me focus on my work. I still don’t know how to to keep the walruses from cornering me against the big rocks and high waves. I got cold and wet!

What a mind trip!

Reality check: Just take off the headphones. The mind is amazing but easily swayed. Movies, television, news media, sound bytes and even nature sounds affect our sense of reality. Modern thinking mostly believes that we create our own truth and thus each one of us is bigger and better than someone else’s “truth”. There’s a few holes in that bucket I dare say! What is your foundation for truth and living life?

Personally, I know my mind has an overactive imagination but it seeks truth (that exists outside of me) without making it up. It does not believe much of what the ears hear without heavy duty evidence. I have seen and heard tons of evidence that God exists. I do believe and experience the truth that God loves us and we can know Him personally. This is my foundation for my fragile mind. What I know, think and feel come from a person and not an ideology. It also works for more than just little ole me. What is your foundation?

I could direct you to hundreds of like minded bloggers but I leave you with a bible verse and a blog link (good stuff there Lynn) as good example that I read this morning. LYNNABBOTTSTUDIOS

“So now the Lord says, “Stop right where you are!  Look for the old, godly way, and walk in it.  Travel its path, and you will find rest for your souls,” ~ Jeremiah 6:16

Admit it, most of us struggle with a restless soul. Trust me, nature sounds only cancel out other noise. I think I will only use them for work adventures.


ps: guys at work if you read this and see me dive under the shelves, watch out for the mountain lion. If I am running for the rest room I started hearing that innocent rippling brook.

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Images: One Frosty Morning

Imagine for a moment that we have no ability to know or understand the concept of beauty. What the eye sees other than a field, trees, leaves, landscape, sunrise colors and frost on the bush is not attached to any compartment in our brain labeled “Beauty”. The emotion of a moment is never lost; it’s just not there. We would never know.Frosty View ed eml

    I’m sorry but I can’t do it. I can’t imagine what is not because of what I know and experience on a daily basis. Beauty is everywhere, should one care to have beauty in their life. 

I got up this morning, looked out the window, grabbed my camera and ran into our attached, but heated garage in my PJ’s and moccasins. A quick look at the temperature outside confirmed my suspicions that it was zero degrees F and I would freeze fast. A parka, hat and ice fishing pants were handy so I was able to last 10 minutes before my fingers couldn’t function anymore. I captured a few images within a few yards of the house and enjoyed breath taking beauty that could never be captured in whole. I’m sorry that I can only show you some slices of from this amature photographer.  You can click on a picture and go to the slide show feature. I hope you enjoy them.  Which is your favorite?

Imagine for a moment that we have no ability to know or understand the concept of God.

    I’m sorry but I can’t do it. I can’t imagine what is not because of what I know and experience on a daily basis. Like beauty I have a life-time experiencing an interactive walk with God. He is! God shows himself in so many slices, should one care to have God in their life. 

I can however imagine eternity with God if only in small slices of what I see, hear, feel and experience here (without the pain). I cannot however imagine an eternity without God. I cannot even go there. No one should.

The words to the captives in ancient Babylon are as true for us as to them as recorded by Jeremiah “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” (Jeremiah 29:13) 


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Snow day

winter Hydrenga 2 cp eml
It’s a very nice day to stay home, stay inside, lounge, drink coffee and make plans with my wife for the year. After a solid morning of much coffee and good talks I’m thinking cabin fever is highly overrated! I guess I only thought staying in a cozy cabin in Alaska for the winter would be fun. There is not enough coffee for that!

With camera and tripod in hand I decide an outdoor jaunt would be fun. I didn’t get very far as snowflakes blurred the lens but you decide if endeavouring is worth the effort. Sometimes we get something other than what we sought.

Garden Shop-001 ed2 eml
I had hoped to capture the snow flakes and it was a learning curve for me even in a heavy snowfall.

snowy yard ed eml

Sumac and Spruce contrast. Snow accents the various tree shapes.

snow days 2 ed eml

Our Driveway is there somewhere beyond the bush. The mailman said he couldn’t deliver a package today. I say what? the drive is only half a mile long.

Snowing cp eml

Birch limbs hang low, I suspect the deer will nip these off. Snow changes many things, even our perspective

Snow on the shed ed eml

Playing with the light meter, getting new perspectives through the viewfinder. Very heavy snow

Garden Shop eml

A little lighter and happier snow picture of the shed. I’m happier now. What a large difference is made with a small change in perspective.

Snow on rail ed eml

Now I notice the railing and blurry wood pile and it’s snowing!

I’m quite sure we should have more snow days. I know my perspective needs to tweaked more often than I would admit. It’s a good day. I needed this snow day.

May your crooked paths be made straight. May we gain an eagles view as we reset. May we have more snow days!

eagle cp eml.jpg

Even eagles need a snow day. Not snowing so much now.

I shouldn’t minimize the talking, much coffee, making a couple of life direction decisions  and reflecting on the past few years gone by. Our strength lies in our relationships with each other and in our walk with God. Our lens on life gets a cleaning on days like this.

What if we could see through the lens of life through others view finders? Friends, spouse or even Gods?  Our Life: same subject but different perspectives, and yes, in life it gets cold, blows, snows and rains on all of us. Here’s to more snow days!  


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