Fishing: I Must

ducks eml

We got a little close so the ducks were talking to us about that

Some write, some garden, others have their various go to activities but I fish. Fishing is my all purpose activity cure for, well, about anything. Sad? go fishing. Happy? I mean too happy? go fishing! Need some reflection time? Need to pray? (we all do), go fishing. Need to feel like you are helping others? That’s what fishing buddies are for! I rest my case. If you can’t help the other guy(s) in the boat with your expert advice you haven’t spent enough time on the water. We can talk later (preferably in a boat) about logical syllogisms.

Being it’s been a long time since writing anything down, you guessed it, I went fishing. My fishing buddy had his boat more ready than mine and we needed some talk time as life has thrown us some mean curve balls lately and it was opening fishing day here in Wisconsin.

Hey G.W. I took pictures to prove it, ducks and all. A good evening of fishing

Gary 18_ Smallie eml

A nice 18″ smallmouth bass

Russ 27_ Walleye eml

A very nice 27″ walleye…good catch partner

The fishing is always good. Sometimes the catching is iffy. Last night we did good for a season opener. Our conversation was exceptional and the evening was magnificent on the water. Get out there people and have an adventure in the outdoors gifted us by an awesome Creator! (I can already hear an amen from the other end of the boat).


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15 Responses to Fishing: I Must

  1. g.w says:

    This looks like a foretaste of heaven, Gary, my friend. Just beautiful! 🙂
    I didn’t even make it to the river. Got side-tracked by brother needing some assistance. Good conversation but no fish! 🙂

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  2. Ted Williams says:

    Spent most of the day in the boat yesterday. Brought home 3 nice crappie a couple dandy sunnies. Good meal.

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  3. John Bower says:

    Wouldn’t chopping wood be just as useful for meeting your complex needs??

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    • Gary Fultz says:

      Good one John. It just wouldn’t be right chopping wood while wearing my “I Fish Therefore I am” T-shirt.
      Plus, people have fish fry’s all the time but never heard of a wood fry. Finally, deep conversations can be had in the boat with friends between bites. Wood chopping conversations consist of…”ughhh, Ughh, uuuughhh, ouch…”. I’ll admit there is a rhythm to it but-No.

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  4. hawk2017 says:

    Amen. Great catches.

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  5. Marty Kasinskas says:

    It was great to get back into the boat. Found some quiet warm bays and just enjoyed the day Bass were hitting on spider baits.

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    • Gary Fultz says:

      It was. Glad you hit them. We were out for just 3 hours and found the walleye and bass shallow. Evening the bigger crappies were surfacing in 30′ of water and spread out.


  6. rickyracer42 says:

    Love fishing w my hubby. Tho I always end up picture taking while he fishes lol!!

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  7. Ron Bouchard says:

    I’ve got a secret smallmouth bass spot. It’s called Kinney swamp; a series of beaver dams and ponds. You’ve got to work to get back there using a canoe. But, once you do, it’s fishing heaven as the sun is setting and an aggresive smallmouth explodes out of the water, taking your lure and spraying diamonds of water droplets into the evening sky! Then, camping on a little island within the ponds and cooking fresh fish over a crackling fire . . .
    A little taste of heaven!

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    • Gary Fultz says:

      Wow Ron, That’s my kind of adventure. A taste of heaven for sure. I’m not sure what kind of wiring God put within us to cherish and haunt those places, but I sure like it. Those threads run deep within us. Small mouth huh? Wonderful!

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