By Example: The Extra Mile

I often talk about the disconnect between what we say and what we do. I want to show you an example of what one dad did for his daughters soccer team and their families. I think it’s incredible work and I also know this took many hours to produce.

Don’t just say you are proud of someone. Find a way to show it.

Find the time and use your talents. This will be a life long blessing. Thanks Ron!

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You do not have to know any of these gals to be touched by this tribute. Imagine you are a parent of one of these girls. Click on the video link to watch this short tribute.

I have a bit of interest in the Kentucky State Championship game tonight, after all our granddaughter is the goalie and it’s her final high school game. Ron is my son in law.

Go Lady Gators! (from Bowling Green Kentucky) Win or lose they have been and will be life long winners.

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Go Liz (grand daughter in orange is all grown up)

Update: Liz’s Team wins 1-0. State champs…Proud Grandpa here

 8 minutes agoMore
Greenwood’s Ellie Belcher and Elizabeth DeMarse named to the All-Tournament team. Anna Haddock is the state tournament MVP.

More News
Greenwood goalkeeper Elizabeth DeMarse stepped up when her team needed her.

The senior had 12 saves in a 1-0 victory over Highlands in the KHSAA Girls’ Soccer State Tournament championship game at Bryan Station High School and was named to the All-Tournament team.

“It’s just staying focused,” DeMarse said after the game. “Every game is a new game, so I haven’t seen them in-game in the past, but I’m still prepared for them. I’m still practicing and still know what to expect.”

The championship match shutout was the eighth in nine postseason games for the Lady Gators.

DeMarse finished the season with 146 saves and 14 shutouts.Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, outdoor


Could we not be that kind of people who use our talents and resources to go the extra mile for others? 

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25 thoughts on “By Example: The Extra Mile

    1. Sigh…I believe it is televised locally (for Bowling Greenites) but not nationally. A utube version will come out later I guess.
      I’m still trying to find a connection from Wisconsin other than updates from the kids by phone.
      Liz just texted me “I’m going my hardest tonight. Aiming to get some bruises to show off. They won’t hurt if the ball doesn’t go in the net”


    1. It sure does Lisa. I remember learning all about victory, defeat, patience, teamwork, listening to coaches, being teachable, pain, perseverance…I think I could get to 100 things all up and down the basketball court.

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  1. You usually don’t get up to a state championship level without learning a lot of things along the way. And like you said Gary, win or lose, there are life lessons in there that will do them well for the road ahead. I’m hoping for them! Blessings

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Bruce, so true. They are playing the team that knocked them out first round last year. Should be quite a game. My grand daughter is an unbelievable 30-0 in shoot outs in her 4 year varsity career. She is quite humble. I am quite proud.


  2. They did. I found a twitter feed about half-time 0-0, and later updated to 1-0 with some highlight video, then Liz texts.. We are enjoying her mountain top high. I told her she could stay up there awhile but come down when she got tired and hungry.

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  3. I thought perhaps Lady Gators were a Florida team! (We lived in FL for 40 yrs.) What talented players–which of course is the result of their hard work, individually and together. You have every right to be proud, Gary! And kudos to Ron for a well-produced video celebrating each player that makes up this amazing team. You’re right, Gary: it was a labor of love.

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  4. Thanks Nancy, Yes, it,s the small school in Bowling Green Kentucky. Usually their teams get beat up by the big Bowling Green school, except for the last 3 of 4 years. I found the local TV interviews of 4 seniors (including Liz our Grand daughter) and I felt these kids could articulate as well or better than most professional athletes in front of a mic and camera…Ron’s video was shown to the whole school today. Ya, quite a production for it’s intent. of a gift to the kids and parents.

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