Thoughts with a view

Dining room view eml

Our dining room, kitchen and living room are all one big open space. To the west through the patio doors is a huge screened in area we call our west screen porch. We have a view and I try to share some of the things we see out the window now and then. Have a peek starting with tonight’s sunset. I’ll set it up as a slide show if you click on a picture


All seasons, animals looking in our windows or checking out the grill (see the bear in the grill picture?). All pictures were taken from the house or the front lawn.

Here’s the deal. I love nature, wild beauty, country living and all that goes with it. But, all this would be meaningless without knowing the creator. Fun, peaceful, passing beauty. Like the sunset every night it’s just a great moment in time. Ultimately meaningless except it seems to touch eternity in my soul. Enjoy this years 9/11 sunset with me. Where do your thoughts turn?  Sunset over the Forest 3eml

Hmmmm….Eternity is close isn’t it.



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27 Responses to Thoughts with a view

  1. G.W. 👁 says:

    Beautiful and colorful photos, my friend. God is not just an artist to impress though. I’m sure there is both time and eternal meaning in His artistry. But until I know what it all means, the artful beauty does my heart glad in itself. Thank you for this, my friend!

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  2. Sonrisa says:

    Breathtakingly beautiful photos Gary. Such a blessing for you to be surrounded by such wonder. How majestic is our God. And I love bears…
    Thank you for sharing.

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    • Gary Fultz says:

      Thank you so much Crissy for those kind words. We love bears also from a distance. We were blessed to watch the mamma bear with four cubs with four of our grand kids as they frolicked in the field. God is so majestic and beyond what we can imagine creative.

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  3. Sonrisa says:

    Amen! He certainly is.

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  4. Gary, thank you for sharing your blessings with us.

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  5. hawk2017 says:

    God’s Beauty and Critters are splendid. Very good photograph. You have a good eye. Blessings.

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  6. Gary Fultz says:

    Thanks so much Bonnie.Pardon the pun but I shutter to think of all the details I missed when I was younger.


  7. Yes, Nature itself is a facet of the personality of God our creator His Son who spoke all things into existence and the very air we breath being filled with His Holy Spirit.
    Nature it seems with Love and with us as His children are the only things real and eternal.
    Who is like our God I ask, who can do the things He does I ask. No one but our Father I say. Amen

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    • Gary Fultz says:

      Yes, and nature like us needs to be made whole. We live in a wild area of northern Wisconsin. Sometimes I really mourn the harshness of natures survival of the strongest, quickest and deadliest. Someday there will be no cruel part of nature where wolves sometimes eat the hindquarters off a deer before it dies. one fish eats another and its a slow harsh death. We also hear the rabbit scream as the hawk pounces (we have many wild rabbits). No more floods, hurricanes and straight line winds around the world. Someday the lion will lay down with the lamb…I Cannot wait


    • Gary Fultz says:

      Absolutely Gorgeous pictures. I have never been to New Hampshire. Flying over on my way to the UK doesn’t count. I often canoe/portage/camp in a very large wilderness area with more water than land because of all the lakes. Where we live there 961 lakes and numerous rivers in Washburn county WI.


  8. You took that photo of the black bear and the babies from your window/home? That is incredible… Where do you live, Canada?

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    • Gary Fultz says:

      Thanks, We live in northern Wisconsin where there are tons of bear. When our grand kids visited for a week we saw 10 bear at various times and places. They are only black bear but get quite big and sometimes a little too bold. They mostly run away unless you are grilling or have bird feeders or berries or…

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  9. Gary Fultz says:

    I actually like bear but stay wary. When camping they are annoying. I actually had a little bear try to push me out of the way with his head to get our food pack. Had to bean him with a rock…gently of course. To date I have beaned 4 different bear with rocks for a little respect…now they are annoying.


  10. Gary Fultz says:

    The land slopes away west for 70 miles to a huge river flowage. Who would have Wisconsin. We call our place “House of sunsets” Fun for a camera guy!

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