Cabin Fever Withdrawal

Expectations and reality. A good example of what it isn’t was sent to me by a friend who is getting a bit off kilter. “Day 12 without chocolate; lost hearing in left eye”. I passed it on to another friend who said “That’s it exactly!” I sent them both a number to call for a nice facility and the website for a virtual tour. They both surprised me and said “I have that number and website already, would you like to come with us for an interview?” Strangest interview ever, I had to answer all the questions for them. I got a cool bracelet when a friend said I was probably a “runner.”

Anyway, I’m side tracked a little bit by the masquerade called Spring. See for yourself. I even strung some words together, kind of like popcorn off the bottom of the bowl on a couple pieces of fishing line. If I seem a bit daffy, it’s that several inches of rain melting a foot of snow yelling “coming through” on it’s way to the gulf of Mexico from our small patch of land here in the north woods and lakes area. Then it snowed, got cold, froze, now it’s raining again and will snow again. I have been secretly meeting with summer after everyone falls asleep.

winter spring summer

Meet in woods summit

While gurgling waters rise.

Winter jewelry dangles

Spring runs down

Summer suns patient

A birthing room frown

Morning crackle sighs

Wears frosted icy gown

Trick a tree freeze frame

A beauty upside down

Yes, it’s spring dragging winter with one leg sensing summers invisible presence

Click to enlarge and short slide show

Somewhere under the flood is a three foot wide by two foot deep gently flowing river. I think of myself as more the gently flowing stream; not too wide or deep and fairly predictable. Well, maybe we should change the word “predictable” to “well meaning”.

I’m Okay. Really. Life is good here in the woods. I had a strange adventure getting back home from being ditched by my friends (another time story). Any advice on getting one of these strange ankle bracelets off?


Published by Gary Fultz

Outdoors Man, Hunter, Fisherman, Guide, Writer / Author, Photographer, Public Speaker, Musician, Song Writer, Story Teller, Follower Of Jesus. Love God and family and total strangers

57 thoughts on “Cabin Fever Withdrawal

  1. Absolutely hilarious! The seasons seem to be a bit disheveled lately. I can relate. Your descriptions are perfect:
    “Morning crackle sighs wears frosted icy gown trick a tree freeze frame a beauty upside down”

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  2. I love your micro poetry, Gary! And the photos are top notch—as always. Come on, spring. Make up your mind!

    We’ve already had one tornado warning and one tornado watch this spring. This is the 5th season, as they say down here: twister time. 🌪

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    1. That just sounds ominous from here David.
      Ya, I don’t know enough about poetry to label it. Micro poetry sounds accurate though.
      My style probably looks like a plate of many food choices at the church potluck and you only get one time through line.

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    1. I’m still not sure why chocolate and coffee affect our lives so much Pete, even for people who don’t really appreciate one or either. If in the next political protest (say…over gas prices or something), all the coffee and chocolate were dumped into the ocean, seafood would skyrocket.


  3. You, as a resident of north central USA, should know by now about our very own season: sprinter. Coming between winter and spring, its length varies from three weeks to three months. It’s when your snow blower (or plow) sits right beside your lawn mower in the garage, both gassed up and ready to go, so you can choose the one you need on any given day.
    The standard wardrobe for this season consists of a warm parka, waterproof work boots, and golf shorts – wool socks optional. Many people ride their Harleys – with snow tires. On mild Saturdays you may spread weed ‘n feed on the lawn and rock salt on the driveway. People who live in Florida are missing out on all the fun a five season year can bring.
    As for the ankle bracelet, I’ve seen TV shows where they freeze the thing then break it off. You should be able to accomplish this by sitting outside on your deck.
    Hope this helps. Meanwhile, spring is sure to arrive, as will the mosquitoes, followed by a brief, brutally hot summer before fall arrives, cold and damp. Before you know it, you’ll be celebrating a beautiful white Christmas.
    Or you could just stay in the house and binge watch reruns of Magnum and Hawaii 50.

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    1. Love it Robert. You just described our wardrobe hanging on hooks inside the door and the snow blower parked next to the lawn mower under the shop overhang. The old honda motor cycle is parked with smooth tires but the big 4×4 ATV carries a chainsaw, winch, long tow rope and extra fuel for both. I can hook the winch high in a tree, cut it down and it jerks it out of whatever predicament I am in. And, how did you know I watched those along with old MacGyver reruns. I fish so my boat is ready after I’m done with the ice auger. When I golf I hunt and fish anyway.

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    1. Thanks Donna. You are very right about everything, nature and all.
      I just feel good and thankful for every degree gained past freezing.
      Later on I will probably be thankful for every degree under 80.

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  4. Gary, there are no rules for poetry and you nailed them! Oh, winter, please let go. At least you and your “shackled” friends have great senses of humor! I enjoyed this post, Gary. I battled Covid all week and am trying to “re-enter” the world slowly (do I really want to?). I’m anticipating your future summer writings! Blessings!!

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    1. Well, good news on winter letting go I think. our weather forecast changed for the better by 10 degrees and less rain.
      No fun on the covid fighting. we have a couple in our family sidelined for this next week. They aren’t very sick so they are enjoying a weeks vacation at the cabin…Ha, I might have my sister write the next blog, she will be funny by then with her version of cabin fever.
      Get well Karla.

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      1. Great news on the weather, Gary! I think a vacation at a cabin sounds like a perfect quarantine! Yes, I’d love to read her story. I have a new Covid friend~Chuck the Woodchuck. He lives in my little bluff and found his way under my house earlier in the week, too. He and Finley kept me company this week. Thanks for the well wishes, Gary!

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  5. Love this post Gary. I have come to believe that if COVID doesn’t get you then Mother Nature will. Nature is such a reminder of our place in the world and something bigger and more powerful. From the small delicate buds on a flowering tree to a torrential downpour we are in awe of such creation. Wonderful images, so different to my part of the world. Lynn

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  6. Thanks Lynn, Oh yes, there are plenty of things to die from these days. The Wisdom gained from knowing there is a creator behind all we see seems to be underrated by so many. I want to walk in the garden of eternity 100 years from now. I to am in awe of knowing the complexity in the coding of DNA going into a seed and growing the same looking buds producing leaves and seeds again and again.
    I have two trees that are twins. same species, the branches look alike and they even have the same quick bend in them about 6 feet high. Amazing. same weird DNA. they are close enough so in 50 years they might grow together.


  7. Fun stuff, Gary, and your poetry is beautiful, I must say. As always, I love your images. Living in the woods is a dream of mine. I grew up on a farm with plenty of woods, and being stuck in town nowadays has me yearning for the company of trees. Spring will find you eventually…maybe… (Don’t quote me on that.) 😀

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  8. As temps climb into the humid 80s herein the Smokies, your ‘cool’ pics and calming prose are making me homesick for the Last Frontier brother 😊
    Be Blessed!

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    1. Glad I can help Fred. It has always been my dream to go there and be on a mountain like your header picture or my young cousins picture before her plane crash up there. She has the drive to rehab back to do it again so it must be way more than I can imagine. I have been to the Smokies and you have some great beauty there. 80’s and humid…I’d die.


  9. “Winter jewelry dangles” I love that word play.
    Yesterday afternoon in SW Nebraska we experienced rain, sleet, hail, and snow so I get the idea of moody weather….my arms are wide open for a “warmer days” welcoming but maybe the problem is they don’t expand wide enough since I didn’t make it to five foot??🤷‍♀️😅 oh well I’m gonna keep trying anyway!! I’m ready to bring on the 80 and 90 days!!!☀️❤️

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    1. Thanks Alicia. My one daughter loves it when she hears of others less than 5 feet, Our oldest is 5′ 11″ and has two daughters 6′ 1″ and 6’2″. Our son 6′ 5″.
      Today is probably our first real spring day. Sunny, mild winds and 50’s for flannel shirt weather. ouch on the 80’s and 90’s…I die past 80 if humid. I have heard about that Nebraska weather form friends there.

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  10. Beautiful photos, what a great piece of the wild you reside ~ and then there is also the beauty of your writing, great humor and as I am now back in the Pacific Northwest I fully understand the comment: “Yes, it’s spring dragging winter with one leg sensing summers invisible presence…” Cheers and enjoy the weekend.

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    1. We do live in a very wild area. Nature is honest and acts true to itself. Survival of the fittest and run on it’s God given DNA. Us humans are all over the place in comparison. Lot’s of lessons to heed. Love it here
      Take care


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