The Old Doe

She is old. She won’t make it through another Minnesota winter. Shunned in the deer world so she keeps to herself and decided humans are better. She follows me around the yard hoping for a hand out and a few words to perk her ears up. She doesn’t show signs of having CWD as the local Department of Natural resources has assured me from pictures. They asked me to watch her but not feed her. I sin frequently as do a couple neighbors.

Social distancing at six feet away from humans…sometimes

Last weekend our group of deer hunters gathered in the yard before daylight as we all hope to harvest a deer or two for the freezer. The old doe walked into the middle of the group. I should have warned them. One of the nephews commented “somethings really wrong with this picture” as he tried to pet her.

Life is full of ironies. The old doe has become as innocent as a newborn. Her instincts of flight and danger are gone which suggests some type of disease which will kill her either directly or by car, wolf, coyote, slowly this winter or any number of possibilities. No matter, it’s straight forward. She will die. So will we.

Lessons from the old doe. One: don’t live in fear (however that translates in your case) because life is short. Two: lets take better care of our neighbors, than we do the old doe. They need us, we need them. Three: don’t worry about what the rest of the herd thinks. Shut off the news feed. Do what we were created to do. Figure out how you should Love God and love people. Eternal things are the most essential

“Let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds. Not giving up meeting together as some are in the habit of doing(which was dangerous back then), but encouraging one another-and all the more as you see The Day approaching. Hebrews 10:24-25


Published by Gary Fultz

Outdoors Man, Hunter, Fisherman, Guide, Writer / Author, Photographer, Public Speaker, Musician, Song Writer, Story Teller, Follower Of Jesus. Love God and family and total strangers

54 thoughts on “The Old Doe

  1. Priceless! Wish I could have been there when she walked into the midst of the hunters. This year I’m only going for a mature buck. Because of my weakness from the cancer/chemo I couldn’t pull my bow back this season, so I have to settle for rifle season. I’ve never liked shooting does and have only done so when the freezer is empty . . .
    Take care Gary, Ron
    P.S. Hope my comment isn’t insensitive to non-hunters . . .

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    1. I don’t really know many non-hunters because of our farm and woods culture I have always lived in. We all grew up growing a garden and all kinds of animals for food, butchered them ourselves and learned all about anatomy and biology and how to cook wild game. I thought PETA was an acrostic for people eating tasty animals. Seriously.
      There, now I was the insensitive one. And, yes, I got my buck for the freezer.

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  2. Amen, Gary. You always tell good stories with Biblical life applications. I wonder if the old doe knows her time is short? I’m glad brought her to your GPS location. God speaks to us in so many ways. Blessings.


    1. Deer are pretty simple David. I’ve never seen a deer or a dog or any animal admire a sunset. They take life moment by moment. We could learn some things from a deer’s approach to maximize every moment. We have watched wolves take a deer down and the rest of the deer flee a short ways away and start browsing as if nothing happened. They just reset and go on. A fawn will hang around for awhile after losing their mother and source of food, but they seem to adjust unless too young. In many ways it solidifies the fact that we are made in the image of God and not animals.

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    1. Thanks for your vote Laurette, I can’t hep but root for the old gal. She has a fawn that was born early spring and is already self sufficient and healthy. Just a handful of grain now and then has made a difference so far. We don’t leave any doors open though.

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  3. I love your everyday life stories, especially how you extract a spiritual lesson or truth from them. Today this line stands out, “Eternal things are the most essential.” If we live with that in mind, oh what a better perspective of life!

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  4. So true Manette. Gaining God’s perspective in our world is like weeding the garden daily so the carrots not only stand out but they grow. Otherwise it’s hard to keep eternal things in view.


  5. Beautiful analogy. Thank you, Gary. I have such a heart for old animals. If I was able bodied I’d open a sanctuary for older dogs and cats that have been discarded by society. They are so wise. I’m glad you’re taking care of the old doe.

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    1. Thanks, and, I believe you would do that Terri. A sad part of this story is that the old doe visits my aunts place nearby and puts her feet on the window sill to see her inside. My Aunt talks to her a lot as she is suffering memory loss. I think the old doe has memory loss as well…they seem to be in the same boat of life. As the weather gets tougher, the old doe cannot handle that but she is still very wild so taking her in wouldn’t work no matter what we did. Like humans with God the wild in us separates us from His shelter, safety and any relationship beyond wanting handouts.


  6. She is still around, getting skinnier without working on the brush ends and willow buds as much as needed. She made friends with our grand kids who want to take her home. Life is kind of pure survival in nature. Ya, we need higher garden fences as well.


  7. Gary,
    What a gift to come upon this story this morning. May my own heart, that now contains the love I feel for that doe, be open to all those I have the opportunity to reach, to touch today. God touches and nudges us in the tenderest of ways, doesn’t He?
    May His blessings continue to fall on you richly and be multiplied many times over!
    Thank you,

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  8. Thanks Deb. I complained to the Lord a little bit as He seems to be using the old doe in peoples lives more than me.
    Some carolers came last week and the old doe joined their little semi circle in the dark outside and scared the sing out of their song. I have told them her story and the spiritual analogies keep coming. She just walked up to the deck this morning checking on us. Her story continues with our grandkids who have met her now. I ask to hear from God and he sends a doe…??


    1. Thank You Stephanie. She is still around scaring visitors by following them around the yard. She might actually make it awhile and possibly through the mild winter we are having.


  9. I hope she makes it as well. She greeted me this evening as I climbed out of the ATV from fishing our nearby lake. She is very old though. She likes it when people talk to her. I think it’s disarming.
    I’ve heard of dogs befriending different animals. That must have been interesting to watch.

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  10. She’s a sweet friend for this moment in time. It’s wonderful. Animals are wonderful. I had a collie named Scot who played with a wild deer one day when he got off his leash when we were taking a walk. The deer would jump over a fence away from him, then jump back so they could chase one another. He also made friends with a feral cat. When I moved from Texas to Alabama, I trapped the cat and took it with us. She would never make friends with people – but she loved her Scot. She was heartbroken when he died. Scot would walk around the neighborhood in Montgomery and cats we didn’t even know would come up to greet him. A couple of them followed him part of the way home! When we found a bird that fell out of the nest and saved it, Scot would run through the house to get me when the bird needed to be fed! Animals are a gift to us from God. Hugs to your sweet, old friend.

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  11. Awe so glad I found this post! I wondered the background story on the old doe…I’ll have to share this one with my husband, he’s a lover of Jesus …and hunting …but he could respect a warm-hearted scene like this one.❤️

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      1. Yes definitely! That’s crazy!!…He, one deer season, went to set up his hunting gig near a pile of hay bales and ended up with an extra visitor…a rattle snake!!! While there was snow on the ground! Needless to say he shot more than just a buck that year!!

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