Stumbled Upon Outdoor Truths

Liz fishing_editedI realized yesterday that I have spent over a year of my life leading trips in remote wilderness settings. Three years have been logged taking people fishing from boats, banks, and canoes. 12,614,400 seconds of ones life doing these kind of things (rough calculations here) has led me to discover some profound truths

  1. Fishing is always good. Catching is a bonus.
  2. Good food, good mood.
  3. The bounty on the weatherman expires when the sun comes out.
  4. Most animals like people food.
  5. Most animals can eat people food containers
  6. One dry match beats a Rolex after three days of rain.
  7. The banging of pots and pans summons all the bear in the area.
  8. One’s true character is exposed somewhere between the first and thirteenth portage.
  9. Always bring extra rods, reels, tackle, and sustenance when kids are present.
  10. Mosquitoes test any honorable relationship one might have with God
  11. Famous last words”I know this area like the back of my hand”

maps 002    Just Looking at a few of my 24 maps reminds me of so many untold stories which in the telling they would be tarnished or maybe a fishing spot revealed. In one large lake (about 12 portages back) the walleye gather in a narrows in five feet of water for about a week out of the year (I and a couple of the original group have proven this several times). A fish a cast is the average. On occasion a monster pike will shut down the walleye bite and the hooked pike will be a great battle. But like I say it’s just a story, but if you do find it in your wanderings use a very large hook or the little ones will drive you crazy.

I would have 10 bullet points but #11 comes from forgetting the maps. So learn one piece of advice in leading wilderness trips; tell no one you are lost and put the person in charge of navigating who bought a map. How else would I find so many great out of the way fishing spots?BWCA Stuart river_editedisland lake rainbowHere’s to all the guys who read maps as good or worse than me!


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