Tell Me a Good Story

Gray owl after eating a mouse. This evenings picture from our front deck.

Life has changed, I retired and moved from a somewhat remote area in Wisconsin to a much more remote area of Minnesota. Very little television or news is allowed to frame our lives.

There is no sense in being goaded to be scared or mad as plenty of good news is out there. Plenty of real heroes abound (you know, good people making the world a better place) and I don’t think I am alone in wanting those stories to frame life.

I’ve been too busy to write as we moved into a somewhat neglected place and have made it handicapped accessible (wood floors, wider doorways, ramp outside and a lift in the garage) with lots of help from friends and family before winter hits. I have been fishing 14 times and hosted a couple fish frys and grilling extravaganzas for the neighbors and family, busy.

Boat restoration

My little story: I took a young neighbor fishing a few times in my good boat. He discovered he liked fishing (more the catching). He has some money so he wanted to buy my old boat. It is smaller, the deck was rotten and the two motors didn’t work.

I told him he could buy it cheap on one condition; we would repair it together and make it fishing ready before he could buy it from me. We did it and he now has a boat that I would like to buy back.

The old adage is true. Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will have to buy a boat! Go Ned!

Ned and I caught a lot of fish

Oh, for the Ned stories! My boat buying friend. He tried to weed wack the pond grass in the deep part. Imagine a body builder type standing in a canoe weed whipping with a gas engine whipper out the side. Ya, you couldn’t balance that well either. How was I to know why he borrowed my canoe? Ned now knows that submerging a gas engine under water is a bad thing for the engine.

Last night Ned sunk his new tractor to the belly in the mud by said pond. I didn’t ask when pulling him out with our bigger tractor (from a distance with a whale of a tow strap).

We have the luxury of laughing together with a lot of head shaking. I keep telling him “Lets not go sky diving until we make it a month without a major mishap.” His reply “I’m not ready to see Jesus just yet!” Ya…we have been talking about eternal things. We should all be ready, not just the old retired people like me.

I want to hear stories, real life ones when I read your blogs, and I do read quite a bit. No pontificating without your experiencing a truth or insight. Tell me a good story. The world needs good stories to rightly re-frame.

Published by Gary Fultz

Outdoors Man, Hunter, Fisherman, Guide, Writer / Author, Photographer, Public Speaker, Musician, Song Writer, Story Teller, Follower Of Jesus. Love God and family and total strangers

43 thoughts on “Tell Me a Good Story

  1. What a great post, Gary! I caught my first fish ever last Sunday! I’m encouraged that you are able to talk about the eternal in the midst of everyday life! What I have come to appreciate about Jesus is that He tells us to cast a wide net but discipleship in many ways is like the rod and reel. Congrats on the move and new house. May Jesus fill your space with the peace of His Presence!

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  2. Thanks so much Mandy, Keep fishing and catching. I think I have a fish fry ministry. I’m also not afraid to use about any venue to talk eternal when I have earned the right to be heard and not a penny more.

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      1. Productivity is more than just working 10 hour days. You sound to be using your retirement productively (and enjoyably too, which is fine!).

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  3. Thank you for the update, Gary. God’s best to you in your retirement and your new locale. I hope you will continue to post from time to time—even if it’s mostly photos. I love your photos!
    As for me, I will do my best to always tell a story when I post, a story with a heavenly application (parable).

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  4. Good down to earth stories are a rare commodity these days and I agree with you Gary, we definitely need more of them, lots more. You’re right about the guilt disappearing for not working ten hours, that dissipates real fast. Wishing you all the best in your new home and surroundings. Blessings!

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    1. Well G.W.
      The first thing we would do here is get on the lake in the boat for a few long discussions between fish. Then continue with the fellowship overa fresh fish feast. Break bread and fish with a raspberry rhubarb dessert…or something like that.

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  5. Fishing, neighboring owls, projects that keep your hands busy and mind challenged, minimal TV/News and fish fry fellowship. I think that sounds like the perfect way to embrace retirement. Looking forward to the stories you will share as you embark on this next leg in life’s journey.

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  6. Thanks Beth. I’m hoping for lots of good stories (and pictures) to happen through my years left. I guess i’m somewhat assuming I’ll stay put even though that has not been the case most of my life.


  7. You got me David. I have thought about selling cars and a driving school would drive sales (oh, that’s a good idea) . I have quit two sales jobs because I sold to people who should not have bought the product I was selling. I couldn’t handle that.


  8. I hope you’re ready for Minnesota winters! 🙂 Sounds like you’ll still get to enjoy nature.

    You know, you’re absolutely right (and it’s a good reminder) that there’s plenty of good news out there. While it’s what the world focuses on, the bad stuff, we have a choice to reframe how we see life. I think it just takes a little more effort but in the end, it’s worth it!

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  9. Well Stephanie, I’m not quite ready for -30 to -40 below (when in Wisconsin it will 20 degrees warmer) on the real cold mornings.. Sitting on the back deck early mornings I hear the Loons and Trumpeter Swans on the lake and thats really cool.
    I just explained to Ned last night why I get up early mornings to read my bible, to let God re-frame my mind rather than the media.


  10. Thanks Ron, We are getting settled gradually. Is there ever really such a thing? Speaking of my fried and another Ned story…A deer came outof the woods and came up to him in the yard close enough to pet. completely wild deer. Go figure. I would not have believed him but he took a video to back up the story

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  11. “Deer Whisperer” lol, I’ll have to call him that.
    I’m over 4 hours (mostly west and a bit south) from the BWCA. In Wisconsin I was closer but I moved almost straight west 5 hours by road, 3 hours as the crow flies.
    Poor Ned, took him fishing a couple nights ago and he had continuous strikes (fishing pike) while I was catching. Gary 8 Ned 0 on spinner-baits. When we got back to the landing he found that he had forgotten to take off the plastic tube from over the hook after buying it. I almost fell in the water laughing. He was going to throw me in the water for laughing.


  12. We have someone that recently joined the Navy ROTC in our church and her questions have led me to consider making a series of posts of what God has taught me from the military; then I though maybe not but then your post here is the push I need to tell stories!

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  13. “Very little television or news is allowed to frame our lives.”
    Imagine that! Not whipped up by either side of mass media.
    Trout don’t read the news.
    Lucky fish.
    Unless of course,
    you catch them.

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    1. Speaking of framing, you have great photos Cindy.
      I do a lot of reflecting while fishing (most unlucky fish get thrown back).
      Our lives are framed by relationships, sunrises and sunsets. Mostly beautiful.


  14. Ah, “real life” A follower of Jesus fits into God’s story plot both in the living out of life and forever in the time frame. An unbeliever will not even be remembered in the annuls of forever for their cameo appearance in the story.
    Our stories need a hook, especially in the living out and then in the telling to bring others into our story and connect to God’s story…A book idea for you??

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    1. I have written three fictional books, “Counselor,” “Vision,” and “Sparrows ” (a trilogy).It used to bother me that some people would say condescendingly, “I’m a Christian, I don’t read fiction.” But I’ve been encouraged by those who say, “I don’t usually read fiction, but I love this!” Readers see truth once they find out that a certain character is actually Jesus. 🤫

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