Life Spice With a Hint of Eternity

Spice. a small dose is usually best. As in food, life needs spice or it gets quite bland. 

spices 2

So, I went fishing (so I could sample some fathers day spices on fish). I highly recommend this life spice (and the seasoning was great too).

Then, I heard about a huge patch of Lady Slippers nearby and visited with the camera. More life spice. Enjoy a walk through the Lady Slipper patch with me. Click on any picture to enlarge and a clickable slide show


I just shared two of my life spices. OK 3, I like to cook my fish as well as catch them.

The contrasts, eye-spice to the beholder. Coordinating color, various shades of greenery, and humble clovers. Even the insects spice up the elegant, beautiful and totally fragile Lady slipper as the sun shines through translucent leaves and petals. A quarter mile of lady slippers to notice. Most will never be noticed by any human being along this lonely backwoods stretch, except our creator, He notices us. We matter to him. He spices us up. in ways no one notices but him. Or, maybe it just seems that way.

Life Spice with a hint of eternity


And your life spices are??

Oh…Oh, just one more shot of our honeysuckle tree! You Like?Sunlit blooms eml


Published by Gary Fultz

Outdoors Man, Hunter, Fisherman, Guide, Writer / Author, Photographer, Public Speaker, Musician, Song Writer, Story Teller, Follower Of Jesus. Love God and family and total strangers

35 thoughts on “Life Spice With a Hint of Eternity

      1. That’s brilliant Gary. Your neighbours must be looking forward to catching some fish.😀
        We used to fish and barbecue it for dinner during our camping trips. Lots of fun! ( not for the fish 🤔)

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  1. The pictures are beautiful and I thank you for sharing them with us Gary. Haven’t been out in the woods as of late but I did get to gaze upon and interact with some of our grandchildren lately and that was a feast for these old eyes. One of my grandchildren is growing a garden with her mother and she took great delight in showing me how everything was growing and she is not even two years old yet. You’re right about all the beauty that God surrounds us with, much of which we seldom see. Blessings brother and you have yourself a great day!

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  2. I truly appreciated your pictures of the Lady Slippers with the words, “Most will never be noticed by any human being along this lonely backwoods stretch, except our creator, He notices us. We matter to him. He spices us up. in ways no one notices but him.” We just returned from our annual family fishing trip. My dad packs up the boat, my younger brother his family, and I my family and we converge at the cabins of a state park for a week long fishing & hiking adventure. This year the kids voted the crappie their favorite eat with the sunfish coming in a strong second. Lots of life spices on that trip- family, laughter, and the wonder of God’s creation.

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  3. Those times are so priceless Beth. I agree with the kids on the crappie. My wife and I both camped, fished and hunted with family growing up. Even with a severely handicapped daughter, we took the kids into nature…That spice to family time truly is the best.

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  4. You are so welcome Francis.. I am always amazed at how many small niches have their own little world unseen while we are in awe of the Grand Canyon, and it really is Grand, we could also be mesmerized by a field of flowers. maybe there is an art, or attitude, or something in us to be cultivated to being wonder struck??


  5. Those lady slippers are stunning. I’ve never seen so many in one place. I’m learning that God sprinkles a bit of life spice into every day. We get to enjoy the pleasure of discovery. While working in the planting beds on Monday, I found a lovely little pink flower almost hidden under the long arching leaves of the day lilies. Talk about a flower that only God could see! But he shared it with me; it felt like a gift. Delightful post, Gary!

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  6. Thank you Nancy. Those little discoveries are so precious and it is as if God is leaving us little notes hidden in our little space that we are precious to Him. Discovery…God’s form of giving us adventure


      1. They would all have to like spicy fish…lol
        I take many of them fishing. None have walked on the water to escape some entle sharing the gospel or my mentoring nudges


  7. Thanks Wayne. I had never seen hundreds of them together like this before. normally they grow in small clumps. They are a very intricate and delicate plant. Minnesota state flower. A fun find for sure.


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