Life Flight update

My last Blog was from the hospital critical care unit. We almost lost our middle daughter. So many wanted an update, wrote kind words and said they were praying for her. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Stories abound. I may write about them in my spiritual blog later.

Tania is home now under strict monitoring by her personal doctor with a lot of check ups planned. She is stable (medically), has no memory of what happened and struggles emotionally as do we. Tania’s vitals, sodium levels and a host of other things are checking out good. Brain and kidney function will hopefully have no ill effect. She will always struggle with her condition of being born with Spina Bifida and 35 surgeries have taken their toll as well as kept her alive. She has a great mind in a body that doesn’t treat her very well. My wife is her care giver most of the time.

I wake up in the night and check to see if she is breathing…then I check to make sure my wife is. I guess it’s easy to mistrust the elements of life mostly taken for granted, like breathing and waking up the next morning.

Have a Merry Christmas and be thankful for even the smallest of things. Life is precious even when it’s hard. Trust God in all things and keep eternity in mind (it’s always close by) and get to know the author of Christmas



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26 Responses to Life Flight update

  1. G.W. says:

    Amen, Gary! God news!

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  2. So truly glad to know! May you all have the best Christmas evet

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  3. Sonrisa says:

    Such good news. Gary I will continue praying for all of you.

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  4. Bruce says:

    Thank you for updating us. Keeping you all in my prayers. God’s grace and blessings on you and yours.

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  5. Stephanie Romero says:

    Continued prayers! May the peace of Christ surround your entire family.


    • Gary Fultz says:

      Thanks so much Stephanie. Oddly enough, we have felt a lot of peace in all the turmoil. Without God’s peace I think I would pass by most feelings and go for sheer terror. I am so grateful for all these writers bloggers and so many others who do not know us really…yet pray.


  6. Lizzy'sWritings says:

    So glad to hear things have improved. Yes, life is precious and so is Faith in God.

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  7. Kim Smyth says:

    I’m so sorry, I did not know your daughter was ill. I will pray for continued improvement and I hope you all have a blessed Christmas!

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  8. Why Lord, Why? A question that we all ask from time to time. And He says: My Grace is sufficient for this test. Have faith my child. Faith is the assurance of things you hope for. The blessed hope will come to pass my brother. You know because your faith allows you to see and hear.

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  9. Sharron Fultz says:

    I’m not sure why I’m not getting your blog…i use to. So glad Tania is doing better. That sounds like a parent’s worse nightmare scare…
    Praying for you all. Sharron F.

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  10. Glad she is back 🏡 home! Thank you for the update

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  11. Never alone. What a promise from the Comforter. God’s grip. -Alan

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    • Gary Fultz says:

      Thanks Alan. Certain events in life can sure magnify our trust in God’s promises as well as show us our lack of trust. We are grateful for His presence and more sure we will never be alone throughout eternity….which outweighs all the gold in world if one could choose.

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