I’m in Chaage (yep, totally in charge)

snowbank from roof eml

Chaage: my young grandsons word for Charge

This morning seemed like a good time to shovel some snow off the roof. It’s knee deep up there and the skylights are covered. There is heat loss around a skylight, ice dams build up and any melting water backs up under the shingles and leaks into the house eventually. It was now eventually.

I found our huge snow scoop, leaned the ladder to the roof and up I went. There is quite a trick in getting on and off a ladder onto a tilted surface covered with two feet of snow and ice. What’s the worst that could happen? I swung a leg around the ladder and made it onto the roof safely while dragging the scoop. The riskiest part was over except for getting down. But, down is down and I can sometimes just jump off the roof into the snowbank…fun times. Who needs a ladder to get down?

I found the kitchen skylights, scooped lots of snow down the roof making paths with each push of snow off the roof. I was on the top side of skylight #2 when I must have done something wrong. My back went out with severe muscle spasms helping the lower vertebrae attempt toย  go in different directions. I flopped down on my back in the snow as the spasms made my legs quit working. Trying to move made the spasms come back. It has been 10 years from the last back injury and my back is (was) stronger than ever so I didn’t see that coming.

I mean I really didn’t see that coming!

My first thought “this is quite a predicament”. My thought process began scrolling through the options. “Maybe I could roll off the roof? um no, Maybe roll to the ladder? No, I would roll over the skylight and There is a row of deep snow to roll through in front of the ladder. Maybe I could sit up and scoot to the ladder then drop into a snowbank? No, I would never get out of the snowbank and the cut-off bushes underneath could spear me. I don’t feel lucky today. Helicopter? How embarrassing.

I scooted (it hurt) downhill to the ladder, finally made it to a standing position, made it on to the ladder after 3 tries (that really hurt) and finally made it down very slowly one rung at a time (yep,ouch). I waded (over my knees) in the deep snow to the house (that hurt the most).

Here I sit with a thousand thoughts. You do it too whenever life throws a curve. We are reduced to what matters most with what we can do. Over half of my time isย  spent managing back pain and pangs so far. When did I become so self absorbed? This has got to stop…ouch. My back just made a joke, “I’m Back” (not funny!)

So much of life we do not see coming. We are not in control ultimately. We are like my very young grandson who loves walking around the house saying “I’m in chaage” (sounds like it’s spelled) to anyone who would ask him to do something.

Meanwhile, here I sit, in complete chaage of my life.ย 

I am reminded of the Proverb “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and he will direct your paths. (Proverbs 3:5-6)

Our Doings sure make us think we are in control don’t they? Sometimes God reminds us of how much we cannot do and how much we are not in chaage.


Phone rings “How are you doing? I’m fine, got everything under control here Dear (shes away on a trip). I’m in Chaage!


Published by Gary Fultz

Outdoors Man, Hunter, Fisherman, Guide, Writer / Author, Photographer, Public Speaker, Musician, Song Writer, Story Teller, Follower Of Jesus. Love God and family and total strangers

17 thoughts on “I’m in Chaage (yep, totally in charge)

  1. Phwew! With me it’s the legs. Aging isn’t for wimps, I’ve been told. “I’m in chaage.” I like that! Ha. Now you are in “chaage” for some concentrated prayer for some quick healing. I’ll ride shotgun for you in doing that! If you gotta shovel any more snow wait till about June. Get better! ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Ž My profile doesn’t let me see a “like” button on this type of thread. Minor inconvience. Good tracking and trailing!

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      2. I have to go to the comment section under “My Sites” in my wordpress administrator and hit the like button. Then you get an email that I liked your comment. I think Steeny Lou has us beat on sleuthing G.W.

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      3. It is taking me some time and effort to figure out WordPress, but even with its anti-SteenyLou-istic quirks, I still like this whole setup better than Facebook. It’s so nice to read what I want to read and not have endless drivel thrown in my face by the app’s assumption-maker.

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  2. Great to have you on the prayer team G.W No, it does not end well when a 60 + person shovels snow off the roof like a 30 year old. June sounds good! The ladder will be ok til then


  3. First glad you did not get hurt. I am glad there are years here with no snow. Learning we are not in charge is a great lesson. God will do what He does and going along is much easier. I have learned that in the last few months. He had been telling me to quit working so much and do other stuff. I ignored Him for a long time. So He took my job. He was right, it’s been a good thing but I had to be at peace with it. Good to see you post, I have been watching

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    1. Thanks Wally. Aside from a very sore back and bruised ego I continuously evaluate if I really have something to say worth reading or am I wasting mine and others time. Also is this blog a means to an end or just an outlet for sharing bits of truth hopefully deeper and cause someone else to grow or nudge someone toward our savior.


      1. I ask myself that a lot. What’s the point? Sometimes I wonder. The other day, an atheist who has been giving me grief for 4 years finally said he would actually read the Gospel of John. 4 years. Did he? I have no clue. At this point I blog because He says so.

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      2. Good point Wally. If the Lord says write, we write (as we ask for wisdom in what to write). I was convicted 48 years ago to be open to public speaking from my daily devotional and prayer time. I figured I was safe as no one ever asked me to speak. When I said yes to the idea to God I immediately that week was asked to fill in for a neighboring Pastor (sunday morning big church, and not my church) and teach 3 sessions at a teen camp. So here we are…Till asked to quit?


      3. Exactly. Sounds like me and teaching kids. I am so not a natural match with kids yet I do. Got all in a huff once with some parents. Got my feelings hurt and quit. God spanked me for over a year on that until I gave in.

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    1. Thanks ken, I wish I had more time to put into writing well. If they can encourage someone or bring in deeper insight or challenge all the strange thinking out there, it’s worth it to me


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