Dress for success in 2019

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This little guy is dressed for success; at least for cold weather activities. He outlasted his brothers in single digit wind chills. He scored a 10 in fun with Grandpa and dad 4 wheeling and riding behind in the sled with his mature adults doing donuts in the snow covered fields sometimes tipping the sled. While his brothers are cold and going to the house he is yelling “more…more.” This little guy is dressed right and not only that he kept all his clothes on (which is hard for the very young).

In comparison; there are CEO’s, wall street guru’s, Music icons and hollywood stars that may spend millions on the right clothes but never obtain such success. Well at least in the joys of life category.

Sledding fun
Tim and Boys 3eml.jpg
Some 2019 ideas:

For the cold outdoors: Bundle up, keep your mitts on and hood up.  For a job interview: Dress at least as nice as the person interviewing you. For this coming weeks date night (you do this right?) dress well enough so your date is proud to be seen with you (yes, your spouse). Sunday mornings: Put some nice clothes on and get the family to church. For grocery shopping: Give the rest of us a break if you were the guy in lime green dinosaur PJ’s the other day! And, no, it wasn’t me video taping you for utube!

Just a thought: I actually believe that dressing up nicely for writing out your 2019 goals for the year will better prepare each of us for success.

So, bundle up and get ready for a successful outing into 2019. At least keep your gloves on and hood up through January and we will go on from there.

From our house in northern Wisconsin to yours…Have a Happy New Year!

Our House eml
Pictures taken 12/31/18 between snow storms



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