Experimental Grilling

Steaks marinated, basted,grilled
Yes I did. I put all that stuff on these steaks a few hours before grilling and brushed it on while grilling. Yes, it was good.

Do you realize how many seasonings are in some of our dressings ment for salads? Forget the salad only idea. I know a restaurant that bastes it’s grilled chicken with french dressing as a base. People come far and wide for this chicken. Obviously there is a little more to it but it’s a good start. Trust me, even the start works.

Our evening meal cooked on the screen porch er..grilled, was a hit. It was another experiment of course as all my cooking is. Well, never the same twice. have a peek!

Sirloin Sauce eml
I turned the marinade into a basting sauce.
Sirloin 3eml.jpg
Fresh corn and sirloin from grass fed beef fattened on sugar bet tailings…sorry folks but most restaurant food pales in comparison except for the chefs turned loose in the kitchen.

This last year my wife and I picked up an infrared grill for these kind of occasions.

sirloin 4eml
Grill and serve. Corn in the husk stays hot until the husks are removed. A great screen porch or outdoor picnic meal.

Sometimes I put a combination of veggies in a grilling dish with a little olive oil applied before hand. It’s good. For fun I have put some large precooked shrimp in with the veggies. It’s good! Quarter some half baked potatoes, skin on and baste them with a buttered garlic and chipotle seasoning as they grill. Eat the skins and all. Again…Really good.

Above all. Experiment people! Use good veggies and meats.  load up on the spices (go to miners mix and get some with no preservatives in them). You will thank me.

My last tip. Try grilling, basting, using marinades and so on with a little spiced cooking oil. Maybe it’s just me who likes spice? Didn’t think so. Is it just me who likes adventure? didn’t think so.

Next Step: when you get a fun combination of great foods, have a grilling party. share. Get to know your neighbors better. Have fun experimenting! And oh ya, put some of these berries pictured below over ice cream to celebrate.

Strawberries our plants eml

I love God, my wife, family, country, hunting ,fishing, cooking, grilling and really good food. Maybe not always in that order. I Hope this blog gave you a new idea or push to experiment. Life is shorter, make it count!

your comments are very welcome

Published by Gary Fultz

Outdoors Man, Hunter, Fisherman, Guide, Writer / Author, Photographer, Public Speaker, Musician, Song Writer, Story Teller, Follower Of Jesus. Love God and family and total strangers

5 thoughts on “Experimental Grilling

  1. I have a grill wok (full of holes). I chop vegies, onions, peppers, red potatoes, asparagus, string beans, basically whatever I can find in the fridge. I also add fruit; apples, pineapple, tomatoes. Drizzle with olive oil and mix in a big bowl. Sprinkle with some Memphis dust and grill in that wok… mmmmm.
    Best sight I’ve seen for grilling – amazingribs.com


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