Sitting Out 2014

My 2014 thoughts have taken me by surprise as I am planning my year ahead after looking back.

Should I keep fishing? Here’s a view when I dropped the camera down on the action.

Trout in a snow storm
Trout in a snow storm


Should I keep making music?

Am I wasting my time taking a week off every year to lead a group into the Boundary Water Canoe Area Wilderness, >A Case for...Outdoor Adventures By Gary Fultztake kids fishing, do more photography, write and do some public speaking?

lake of woods nice fishHonestly, I’m not sure how much initiating I want to do. I’ve laid my time investments out on the table and it seems like a BWCA map with myriads of options (all seemingly good) knowing full well that time has done two things as I get older; sped up and shrunk. Then there is hunting. I have to find big blocks of time to get into the woods.          magazine 008

3 miles above elk camp. A few feet away from the warm sun.
3 miles above elk camp. A few feet away from the warm sun.

I feel a bit squeezed for some reason since work is a full-time job on the side. I still haven’t mentioned the COFA fall retreat (formally called Fish Camp) in September or the trip   to a third world country my wife and I are Guatemala building foundationtalking through.

2014, I am so tempted to just watch. Like a pew sitter in church or a basketball player on the end of the bench (been there). The temptation to merely quit initiating things with others is harder than it’s ever been.


So far the signs for my life’s priorities seem covered up. It’s in my DNA to forge ahead and survive whatever adventure that comes. I have more maps of lakes then I can possibly get to but I’ll end up on some of them!maps 002                                                                                I want to go winter camping in the BWCA again in March (when it get’s above zero hopefully) who wants to come along? I want to plan another BWCA trip, go elk hunting, go muzzle-loading for deer or bear, fish a couple of times a week on average and ski the mountains again. I would like to get to Peru to see some kids we support. I would like to do so many things but I don’t see a path to do them all.

I feel like I will be sitting out 2014 if I cannot find a way to do more than I did last year. I am a player not a watcher. I don’t always plan well, say things properly, have the right equipment, or let others catch the fish. I don’t even know many people here in northern Wisconsin as we just moved. I work long hours at my job, but it’s no excuse for me to not be doing what God created me to do (I’m pretty sure it somehow involves fishing!)


A beautiful day at -10 degrees.
A beautiful day at -10 degrees.

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