Upstream Truth

The Mouth of the Mighty MississippiThe Mouth of the mighty Mississippi river.  Where one can walk across the river  without getting wet. It’s a hard truth to believe if you live where the river is a mile wide. To find the truth it’s a long ways upstream. So it is with many truths in life. From picking the right stocks for the future to finding out what is rumor or truth about your co-workers, there is the easy way to live (just be gullible) and there is the hard way (time, energy, and often a lot of work).

My wife and I checked out a new church this Sunday. We had the distinct impression that these people put in a huge amount of preparation time to communicate how Mary’s child Jesus would be God’s answer ultimately for world peace, and in the meantime peace individually even when our world has been turned upside down in all the calamities of life. That my friend is “Upstream Truth”. If I told you about this kind of Peace in the middle of a school shooting, cancer, job loss, or rush hour traffic; we would be starting out our conversation quite a ways downstream. I must admit that I was brought all the way to the source in this service when most churches are closer to standing downstream with the rest of us with two fingers raised like a 60’s hippie saying “Peace man”.

I get very frustrated with “downstream” conversations. As a guest speaker  I remember telling a true account of winter camping. I snowshoe-d in with 11 others at -38 degrees in the Boundary waters in February. In Minnesota they believe the account (or maybe just nod in agreement) but in Iowa not so much. I don’t blame them, it does sound far fetched. Probably as far fetched as some of your stories in your crazy moments. “Weather” conversations for us are more upstream than “How about those Packers?” being new to Wisconsin.

We live in a day when students Google, Copy,and Paste term papers and think it’s good enough work. Jobs are supposed to be created for us with all kinds of benefits, it’s a bad thing to tell the truth (especially statistics) if it offends someone, sound bytes played often enough are believed, defending oneself with a gun is a bad thing, and buying my grand daughter a PETA shirt (People Eating Tasty Animals) could get her expelled from school. It’s almost as bad as saying “Merry Christmas”. It’s hard to really know people, or is it?

Today we visited our neighbors door to door because we had not met any yet. We gave them a tin of fresh baked cookies (by my wife) and a Christmas card to introduce ourselves. I think one couple had never had visitors who were not selling something or asking for money.  We went with very low expectations and found our neighbors are just like us, in need of more friends. Who would have thought that a knock on the door of our neighbor and a few cookies would bring us immediately into some intimate truthful conversations. My kind of people for the most part, and willing to do about anything for more conversation in the future. “Upstream” conversation with a little work (cookies), and a little courage (Ring doorbell), and now there is no more wondering what our neighbors are like. We went to the source.

Psst…I may have found some crappie hotspots as a bonus!   Donn (with two N’s) knows where there is a map.


Published by Gary Fultz

Outdoors Man, Hunter, Fisherman, Guide, Writer / Author, Photographer, Public Speaker, Musician, Song Writer, Story Teller, Follower Of Jesus. Love God and family and total strangers

4 thoughts on “Upstream Truth

  1. Gary – Cousin Jan put me on to your blog and mentioned your move and her feelings of loss. Your writings are fascinating and anything Fultz interests me. Much of our life revolved around Fultz. Some lived with us. Several worked with us. We all played basketball. Any Fultz could sing better than me. They all were great story tellers [were stories true???]. But we moved away in 1958 so I never learned much about the next generation. Doyle was always a favorite, but I have never been able to sort out all the kids. Just fun to listen in – and funeral might bring me back to Grace Chapel as it might you – so see you then!!

    John Bower


    1. Lots of history from our roots John. The stories are all true of course but the embellishments might have the tale wagging the dog sometimes. I was three in 1958 and we were headed to Tennessee if I remember (the stories) correctly


  2. Gary, great message. For some reason your posts are not coming through on my Bloglovin’ account (the reader I’m now using). On my way to rectify this and get caught up. Thanks for the comment on my blog– reminded me that I hadn’t read anything your way for a bit.


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