More Snow: A Creative Response (I think)

Just when it was starting to show signs of spring. No global warming here this year.
snow 011Last year at this time it was 70 degrees. This morning I plowed snow with the bumper to get to work and getting home was really wild. In northern Minnesota I have found that sometimes we have to think outside normal parameters to get things done. Right now I can’t even open my back door to use our deck.

My lonely grill on the deck
My lonely grill on the deck

I really don’t like the progression here!

I have ribs  soaking in a special marinade for grilling while the snow is now well over my knees on the deck; but I have a plan. My wife just snickered when I went looking for my Alaskan snowshoes . I told her she could take a picture of me grilling on snowshoes. While they are handy I probably need them on my feet to shovel off my roof as well. I think it will work better than using my skis  to gently push the snow off the edges of the roof. I was OK until my skis were not exactly straight sideways to the edge of the roof. The good news was the snow drift was almost up to the roofs edge. The bad news was the two foot opening between the drift and the house. I have siding burn on my face. The other good news is that I lived to try a little smarter. My  little step-ladder on the snow drift still works well to get on the roof and I have a shovel to go with my snowshoes. What could go wrong?

Anyway, I’m waiting for this nagging feeling in the back of my head to go away. One doesn’t get to be my age without paying attention to those little voices sometimes. I’m pretty sure I just need a different shovel or something and that feeling of doom (which I should have listened to earlier) will go away. I wonder if I just forgot an ingredient in the marinade?

Your comments on marinade recipes would be appreciated!


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8 thoughts on “More Snow: A Creative Response (I think)

    1. The report says we only got 10″ but the 45 mph winds made drifts against houses (like ours) and in driveways huge. 4×4 only till our road is plowed. I don’t know how it affected Wisconsin. I know the northern area was hit. Puts a kink in fishing for a bit.


  1. I live in Colorado and we just got a dump. Fortunately, the spring snows never last and our driveway is already clear again. Although I’m tempted to complain, we are well below the levels for moisture, and as you may recall, last year was a terrible fire season. I’d rather have the moisture in the form of rain, but such is life in the mountains. So I grit my teeth and am thankful for whatever form of precipitation we get!


    1. You get more than we do by far. Ours tends to stay a long time. I hope you get the rain this summer! I sometimes Elk hunt your way with the “Christian Outdoors Fellowship of America” guys near Ridgeway CO. It was really dry then.


      1. I love Ridgeway –it is out my way and I’m familiar with the Christian Outdoors– have friends who are involved with this. It looks like it will be dry again this year.


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