Dare to Adventure

The entrance to a narrow waterway from the canoe (according to our map) looked like we might not fit between the rocks. In the wilderness there are no signs to tell of dangerous rapids, impassable waterways, or floating bog areas.  There are no signs to tell you it’s a dead-end after two miles of heavy black flies, a zillion mosquitoes, and five beaver dams to cross. 
     So we forged ahead! The treasures we discovered back in this area were too fantastic to describe. You would have to have been there. Was it worth the effort? More than you can imagine.
    I am constantly told by people; “someday I want to go on a Boundary water canoe trip”.  My inner response is “no you don’t”.  My real response is”just plan to go, get a permit, and go”.
    I guess I am simple and life is complicated. To take a vacation all you have to do is save a little money, pack some clothes, get in the car or plane, and go. If you want you can come back. Whatever it takes to actually have the adventure you always dreamed about, I would suggest you do it. Keep it that simple. It’s as simple as forging ahead as we did between the rocks. 58 wilderness canoe trips and it’s still simple.
    Maybe it’s more of a dare than a dream or a “someday” wish. So I dare you to adventure. I  dare you to risk the possibility of a dead-end or the adventure of a lifetime.
     The waterway opened up for us this time after a couple of portages around some rapids and sharp rocks. The scenery was breath-taking and the fishing fantastic.
    Will I go back?
    Does my canoe still float?
What is your next adventure?


Published by Gary Fultz

Outdoors Man, Hunter, Fisherman, Guide, Writer / Author, Photographer, Public Speaker, Musician, Song Writer, Story Teller, Follower Of Jesus. Love God and family and total strangers

5 thoughts on “Dare to Adventure

  1. “We are plain quiet folk and have no use for adventures. Nasty disturbing uncomfortable things! Make you late for dinner! I can’t think what anybody sees in them.” ~ The Hobbit


      1. Absoulutly! But everytime I hear adventure I think of that quote. The first time I heard it quoted was from Robert Hayes… you did the music that night.


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