Bye for now

I admired the sunrise this morning. I get to see the daylight come each week day as I drive east to my day job. I have this underlying quest to have several ingredients be a part of each of my days given me on this earth. One is to greet the morning with a kind of anticipation and adventure no matter how large the mundane cookie-cutter like army looks on the horizon. I hope to be the victor each day against same ole-same ole. Why settle for anything less than fun and adventure? Why not prod your co-workers to excellence? Why not live honestly and face whatever comes head on? Why not be a giver than a taker?…even on the freeway! I know, sometimes it’s a hard fought battle. Sometimes I lose, but tomorrows a new day right?

Ingredient number two is not dependent upon a beautiful sunrise, feeling good about the day, or experiencing the worst day of my life. It’s not about me as I just get to pass through as a blip on the eternal timeline.  Therefore, I want to connect with the One who made it all. Some will relate to this and others won’t. I am pretty sure that when I die it’s not the end. Just saying prayers probably doesn’t impress God much; connecting with God on a personal level (yes it involves praying) is quite a different matter.

How about a sunset. We will all have one I suspect.                                                                                                         Thanks for the picture Hutch

Lately I have taken to making my parting conversations more meaningful as another intentional ingredient in my life. In our present culture when we have said what we want to say, on the cell phone for example, We just hang up or sometimes say “goodbye”. Every day there are people who talk to a friend or someone close for the last time. I can’t even remember when it started but I sometimes part with “Bye for now”. If I say it to you I mean it as a truthful and honest close to our conversation that will be continued some day.

Last week an acquaintance of ours lost his two little boys in our community and the oldest at eight years of age is fighting for his life from a sailing accident. Life has no guarantees or warranties. There is no “undo” button to push when we make life and death mistakes. There are times in all our lives where we will say “goodbye”. Sometimes I honestly wonder how many have actually (compared to those who claim) connected with “The” maker and keeper of life enough to say with confidence “Bye for now”.


Published by Gary Fultz

Outdoors Man, Hunter, Fisherman, Guide, Writer / Author, Photographer, Public Speaker, Musician, Song Writer, Story Teller, Follower Of Jesus. Love God and family and total strangers

2 thoughts on “Bye for now

  1. Thank You Gary for this wiritng. Both George and I felt so sad for the family of the three boys. How tragic! I hope they know the Lord.
    I like what you said about “Bye for nowbb” I’m going to try to start saying that too. I hope I can make it a habit.
    Take care,
    Looking forward to the next time.
    Love through Christ, Phyllis


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