Who needs an Anchor?

Life is good

Deer I said to my wife as I looked out the window. “Yes” she said (I got out of that one by not saying “I wasn’t talking about you.”) Instead I said “look out the bay window”. The one fawn noticed as I clicked the camera and proceeded to watch until they disappeared into the woods.

Life is good sometimes but the good moments seem fleeting. Tomorrow or even moments later Life can be a mess.

I thought of this as I packed up my gear from a great week at Fishing camp Sunday morning. All were headed home. Some to a family who missed them while others going back to be alone. We shared the good times and shared some of the hard things in our lives as well.

I don’t know that we can or should plan things like that. It’s most often better if it just happens I think. Who goes to fishing camp for that? How does one’s escape to a rustic paradise (in a small boat) for a week become a face-off with the issues of life?

Guys slapped backs, shook hands, a few goodbye hugs and a even tears (the wind was blowing some grit in the air).  Some had found true friends and maybe found an anchor in life big enough to tie unto.

Two days of harsh wind, rain, and cold followed by a gradual clearing and calmer was not ideal but we caught fish. The anchor in my boat didn’t hold very well in the heavy winds. It was short and small like a lot of the things we tie unto in life and we still end up drifting and floundering even in the small storms.

I remember a nice anchor I had once that I tied unto with a nice new red rope. Heavy anchor, strong rope, I’m good! Threw it overboard and watched the anchor and the rope disappear into the depths. Guess I should have tied it to the boat as well.  I’m sorry some of you feel like you have been thrown away.

So after all the fish fries,  story telling, great food, and pictures; just remember there is an anchor big enough to trust. The rope has been cut between God and man. The age old story of Redemption that so many scoff at. Jesus Christ paid for a new rope with his life. He didn’t stay dead and now offers us the rope. It’s a relationship with Him not a to do list. It’s not religion or being religious. Tie on and keep tied on before throwing the anchor.

The guys were laughing at me because my anchor rope was 18′ long and the fish were in 21′ of water in a stiff wind. Sometimes I’m on a short rope with God in the storm. How about you? I would like to hear your applications. And yes I am buying a longer rope for the boat. Not quite as easy a fix for the soul though.


Published by Gary Fultz

Outdoors Man, Hunter, Fisherman, Guide, Writer / Author, Photographer, Public Speaker, Musician, Song Writer, Story Teller, Follower Of Jesus. Love God and family and total strangers

2 thoughts on “Who needs an Anchor?

  1. Hey Gary,
    Good story. This one also gave me some needed inspiration for writing as well. Sorry I’ve been out of pocket. I’ve printed your next blog on the “dream” to take to the tree stand with me. I’ll be gone for a couple of weeks. Hope things are going well.


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