>The Rocks Cry Out Picture Truth Series #6 By Gary Fultz


Famous-landscape and I was There!
I took this picture a couple hundred yards from elk camp. 
Son Tim in the steep mountain timber

Not much has changed from when the movie “true Grit” starring John Wayne, was made. The trees have changed. Some are new and some are gone. The rock looks to be the same as well as the rock tower in the backdrop. 
  Those rocks are more famous than most of us will ever be. In fact a good trivia question would be…”Who shot John Wayne off his horse from behind that rock in the movie True Grit?” I’m not telling. You have to look it up if you don’t know and want to know! There’s a remake of the movie anyway.
  Many of you who watch movies have seen the twin peaks and chimney rock from other angles and never thought “I wonder where this was taken?” It’s all just backdrop to the real action right?
  So what are we seeing here? To the movie buff, rocks with some great history and stories. To the landscape photographer, a perfect rock in the fore ground and background to give the mountain scene an added rugged context in all it’s beauty. To the hunter it’s a good place to hide and watch the valley below for game. Maybe that’s what the mountain lion tracks nearby were suggesting. It’s a great place to lie in wait for the hunt!
  We so much want to give meaning to our own lives don’t we? I know I do!
  I stood in the same place as Robert Devalle when he shot from behind that rock. That made me feel so good I wanted to tell somebody!
Look closer though and I see just normal rocks that are wearing down with the elements and time. They are not going anywhere. Change is slow for now. They are just a bunch of rocks that majestically line the landscape. Or is there more to it than that?
  Jesus saw the rocks as ready to cry out in praise and worship if his disciples were silenced (Luke 19: 37-40). They were being loud! Too loud for the Pharisees who demanded Jesus quiet down those obnoxious disciples!
Maybe Whole Mountains will cry out

 A friend of mine wants to put a big boulder in front of our church with a message on it “If you don’t, I will”. I think every church should have a big rock out front. When the children or strangers ask what this rock is for, everyone should be able to tell them.

  Someday whole mountains of rock may roar out in worship to our creator if we do not.
Could it be that they litter the hills and valleys, stand guard in the peaks, and strategically lie everywhere for the signal? How sad if God finds our heart a rock and the rocks more fit for worship.
Elk Camp…The rocks won’t cry out around this bunch
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More to come on who are you? The steak or just the sizzle?

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  1. >ScottI really hope to join you. I have a friend who wants to come with me as well. I'll be putting on the walleye camp late september and bear hunt. A couple of Boundary Water Trips and my job will determine if I can get the time to be in Elk Camp with you guys.


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