I had to share David’s haiku. very pertinent on a Sunday morning. He used a picture I took better than I could have.

Please check out David’s Blogs.

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Photo by Gary Fultz on Unsplash

so many a storm

slowly dissolving the rocks

the steadfast lighthouse

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Published by Gary Fultz

Outdoors Man, Hunter, Fisherman, Guide, Writer / Author, Photographer, Public Speaker, Musician, Song Writer, Story Teller, Follower Of Jesus. Love God and family and total strangers

29 thoughts on “Steadfast

    1. Fun, next time I will publish only the picture or something partial so people have to visit David’s haiku site to get the whole picture. He put the full blown picture up, I didn’t. But it was a good teamwork situation.

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    1. Me to. Aside from just doing their job for ships to see, their stature and all the symbolism that goes with it make me want to take a picture of every lighthouse I can. That being said, I was in a small boat and was not about to wait for the perfect lighthouse picture of high angry waves dashing the shoreline while the lighthouse stood steadfast.

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    1. Thanks. I think whole sermons on the storms of life and who is our lighthouse went through my mind as iI took 200+ pictures of the islands shorelines rock caverns and pillars fom a boat on calm waters (thankfully).

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  1. Thanks Mercy. It’s not often the waves are small enough to go 35 miles out in a small craft and take pictures from the boat that are not blurry. An amazing scenic day on the water. I took over 200 pictures that day. Very fun.
    Thanks for your comment, I hope married life is treating you well.

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    1. You are welcome sir. 🤗
      Smiles…Thank God for a good weather then. 🙂🙌🏼
      That’s really nice. 👍🏻
      Glad to. 😊
      It’s been good – learning each day and thankful for the journey so far. 😊
      Thank you for asking. Happy weekend. 🤗🤗

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