This Christmas, Take Good Pictures

I Love Christmas

This year (Day 1 ) we celebrated Thanksgiving with most of my siblings. Day 2 We went to a nephews wedding reception. Day 3 We celebrated Christmas early with our youngest and family.  Three continuous days of celebration during the seasons first big snowstorm. I brought my camera.Frosty Tree 2 eml

I highly recommend taking purposeful pictures. Aside from hurting the dogs feelings (no chocolate for you big guy) on Christmas, a great time was had by all. I took pictures for several reasons and those reasons tend to guide how, when and where the camera is pointed and buttons are pushed.  Click on one of the pictures for the slide show below.

  1. Take Pictures with Emotion  (excitement, thankfulness, contentment and so on).
  2. Take relational pictures
  3. Take posed pictures (spontaneous poses are best…hold it up! Snap…)
  4. Use a good camera…sorry you cell phone users but get a good camera for good shots and practice framing your picture.

The kids didn’t care that some of the books and a couple of other gifts were slightly used. I wanted the best pictures possible with inside lighting but what I really wanted was “Keepers”, and we are all keepers. Family is so important. Important enough to take good pictures. In the end, family really needs to be content with each other, and we are!

Jewel and boys content eml
Contentedness is such a great thing

Then my favorite all time Grandchild picture at Christmas…Way to go Nique! Nique


For Inspiration in shooting photos with a theme, take a look at



 Louis posts a theme in pictures on his blog THE MONOCHROME EXPERIENCE


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15 thoughts on “This Christmas, Take Good Pictures

  1. Thanks Jenny, Yes, keep the camera handy. I kind of wanted the Christmas tree by the fireplace for a good back drop… but the grand kids would have burned the p[lace down I fear


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