The Thrill of Frill

frill fril/ noun (Google “Frill”)
1. A strip of gathered or pleated material sewn by one side onto a garment or larger           piece of material as a decorative edging or ornament
2. an unnecessary extra feature or embellishment.
“it was just a comfortable apartment with no frills”
  1. synonyms: ostentationornamentationdecorationembellishment, fanciness, fuss, chi-chi, gildingexcess

We love Frills. Frill is a spice for our everyday lives. Frill is unordinary, extraordinary, exciting, over the top and yes we get it. Well, maybe we get it.

Nature has Frills!

How about a sunset with frills? how about just showing the frill?
Sunset rays eml
  1. How about a frill on a plant? Raining eml
    I walked around our front yard and picked some of our mostly wild plants for my wife. Yes we have a place full of frills.

Wild Flowers eml

Hey, do we come with frills?

Smile, say a kind word to the cashier and use their name (notice the name tag). strike up friendly conversation while standing in a long line. In the workplace: Be pleasant. Be more than worth your pay. encourage your boss (not to be confused with buttering them up…be genuine with no ulterior motives), pick up after yourself (even in the fast food restroom), be on time and there every day (even when the fish are biting…this is me biting knuckles).

Frills are intentional

I mean it takes discipline, forethought and creativity for frills to become a part of us. Character. We all know someone like that. I believe our creator loves frills. I see them everywhere and try to capture frill moments in nature with the camera.

What are your favorite Frills you see in others? There is a Thrill to Frill!

Hey I’m trying out signatures for my pictures….so far it’s

Signiture eml

Thanks for reading, feel free to comment, frills are ok.

Published by Gary Fultz

Outdoors Man, Hunter, Fisherman, Guide, Writer / Author, Photographer, Public Speaker, Musician, Song Writer, Story Teller, Follower Of Jesus. Love God and family and total strangers

4 thoughts on “The Thrill of Frill

  1. Love the idea of Frills! Never thought of it in that way. Will start looking for the people frills and adding some of my own😃


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