Watching Out The Window…For The Birds

Blue Bird House Sunset EBeing one with an infinite appetite on a finite time budget  for the outdoors, I have found a camera necessary to relive split second moments. A good camera on a tripod by big windows in the middle of nowhere (OK the wild country of Wisconsin) is a must in choosing where to camp on this planet.

When Friends of ours came to camp in our back yard  we were thrilled to share the sights and sounds. Somewhere between the hummingbirds, rabbits, bluebirds and grilling the 20150703_195023-1best burgers and brats in a screen porch setting, we were given several photo presentations ready or not. One of our friends  finally captured a timid pose on her phone after a bit of fumbling  (Click on the picture and look closely over the grill) as one semi-shy visitor was wistfully leaving the smells of our meal. That’s a little one my wife said.                      Between frying our catch of fish, grilling and numerous coffee times our conversations were frequently interrupted by the birds. Mostly the timid blue birds courtesy of the young constantly demanding food. Blue Bird 4E

I finally succumbed to the urge to set up and get some snapshots out of my system. Lately I have had these sudden urges to time freeze what we are seeing out the window and share; so here are a few recent moments from view of the house.

Bluebird in flight E

View E 1
Hummingbird 3Deer

Hummingbird desktop

Rabbit e2

I cannot imagine being unemotional or have no wonder at all in a sun set. I can only imagine no small rush being in a plane and landing at the doorway of the hanger like the Blue Bird lands. We watched several landings and neither Blue Bird took out the bird house. With our garden being reduced to nothing I am looking up rabbit recipes. I see venison steaks eyeing the garden sometimes and I suspect our friends would come back for bear on the grill as well.  I often wander over to the best pit masters site for guidance and inspiration. You guys inspire me but I gain (acceptable) weight reading your blog.

Sunset e2Drop a line in the comments if you enjoyed a particular moment.                                                     Thanks

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