Coming off Winter Weary

Spring Deer in Jans fieldBrown, the after winter and before spring color. Shaggy deer in their dark brown suit which will soon turn reddish as the grass grows green. I am again reminded that the only constant in life is change. I am “life stuff” weary but the deer cheer me up. I leaned the camera against a post on the back patio and captured a slice of time in deer life. Tomorrow it would rain and a green spring would appear overnight. Something snaps out of me each year about April and I wonder again why I do not start my year of planning in January. Is it possible I only plan when it’s green? Hey I come from the “hippie” generation where planning was considered unnecessary and painful (insert disclaimer here) even though I was not raised that way.

Putting in at lake One to go home BWCA 2014"River


BWCAW  Trip #60 end of May is on the Calendar.  Fishing with the grand kids in June. Fishing with friends and family in July, Exploring several lakes near our new home (which happens to be over the river, through the woods, across a field and over a knoll from town) affectionately known as grandmothers place to 6 young-uns in northern Minnesota and southern Kentucky.

  Crappies, Walleye, a fish fry or three,checking out a nearby trout stream, another fish fry, fishing with friends, and the final plan until I make some more is Fish Camp in September (see my fish camp page).smallmouth 4_editedisland lake rainbow

The trail cam says he is here often!
The trail cam says he is here often!

waptus fishing with  Jim 007_edited
It is  green outside now and I have been making plans beside my 55 hour work week. If the buck on my trail cam made it through the winter my DNA will be whispering 30-30. What do you suppose that means?

A small piece of advice to myself and the weary; “get out there”, do something even if it’s right!


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