Signs You Need a Getaway

Bald eagle Preening email    We live between the lake (in lakes country) and a highway full of semi-crazy people coming out of the Twin Cities to “get away” on weekends or all summer. We live where many people want to be. We often feel a need to “get away”, so what’s that about when so many think we are already there? After all even the Eagles like it here.

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Thinking of You

Signs that you need to get away: 1) Instead of fishing you find yourself casting musky lures at the jet-skiers. 2) Everyone at work keeps asking “when are you taking a vacation?” 3) You find undeveloped rolls of 35 mm film from your last vacation while looking for your tackle box. 4) You find your tackle box and your film camera is in it. 5) The only thing good in your tackle box is your uneaten Twinkies. 6)  All you have to post online is what you ate for breakfast. 7) The neighbor kids only “Trick” you at Halloween. 8) The boss volunteers you to listen to a Time Share Spiel “for the company”. 9) You buy a hunting video game and realize it is opening day of Deer Season. 10) You get away and don’t know what to do. 11) You get home from vacation and a grandchild sends you the above Halloween picture and caption.

Don’t worry Liz I’m just “funnin”. See you hopefully soon for turkey hunting. We can stay in the timeshare. Do you like Twinkies?


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