Winter Again

Deer in Shell Lake 2I touched the window screen in the bedroom with the camera and clicked a shot of local deer sharing our winter in the back yard. I don’t know how any survive winters like this. Many will not after another 18″ of heavy snow last night.  Two storm systems clashing on top of us mixed with high winds have deposited every new snowflake onto our driveway.

Winter in shell lake 3Can you see the tractor behind the drift?

Winter in shell lake 2It looks like a fun job just driving around and playing with the snow. Ow…burned my lip! I’m watching from the window with a cup of coffee. Somehow feeling like I’m in that cell phone commercial.                                 What do you do when things get tough? There is always a storm coming or going in some type of form.  I thought of mounting the video camera on the truck last night (what does a white-out look like? ya, all white). A phone call in the height of the storm for help had me bravely (actually stupidly) rescuing a friend who was very stuck in a snow bank a few miles from home. As it turned out he didn’t make it home even after I pulled him out. I guess all 4×4 vehicles are not created equal (its culturally correct to blame the vehicle here). I begged, pleaded and offered our couch in the living room but noooo…He had to try to make it. This morning when I stated “Told you so” He asked me “please let’s not talk about this”.

” Change of subject” (I said) “I’m twice your age but who do you think will meet St. Peter at the big gate first?” Silence. “Hey I’m selling one of my vehicles that stays on the roa…Ow-ch”Winter in shell lake 1


Another picture of a tree outside the window. The snow stays on in 30 mph winds as it was above freezing during the storm and then the temps dropped… Literally frozen in place. sounds like the lakes will freeze much deeper for awhile…sigh, I’m OK as I just secured a BWCAW permit for the end of may in faith that the ice will be off the lakes by then. With all this climate change we are heading for another ice age I’m thinking.

Published by Gary Fultz

Outdoors Man, Hunter, Fisherman, Guide, Writer / Author, Photographer, Public Speaker, Musician, Song Writer, Story Teller, Follower Of Jesus. Love God and family and total strangers

6 thoughts on “Winter Again

  1. This looks like the snowy view outside my window, but it’s to be expected where I live. I keep craving spring and its promising worth then remember where I live. It is months away, yet. When I’m tempted to feel discouraged I remember, as your photos show, how beautiful it is.


  2. Somewhere in my head I know spring really is coming Julie. The beauty of a fresh snow always lifts me as well. It’s harder to enjoy in the extreme temp we have had though. 60+ days below zero this winter here.


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