Build Your House Where?

It’s all on a rock from lake through driveway

Vision. Buy a rock on a lake shared by Canada and the United States and build your house on it.

Most of us would opt for a level foundation, an easy way to plumb to the well and septic system, and drive into the garage attached to the house. Winters here have reached -50 below zero plus the wind chill off the lake (one can spit and it freezes in mid-air at that temperature, I have tried it and I’m sure that just made your day better). Today in mid July it will reach 90 degrees inland but on the water its’ nice with a breeze. Today, it’s worth it all.

Builders say that a house can only be as stable as it’s foundation. I dare say this one has a lot of potential stability if it’s anchored well.

Why is there a part us that calls us to places like this? Wouldn’t you love to watch the sun rise on the waters in the still of the morning or enjoy the cool breeze off the lake in the mid-day heat? How about enjoying the adventure of watching the storms roll across the lake; thunder and lightening in full strength and scurrying off the deck in the last second to weather the storm in the safety of this fortress. Some of you would be in the tower just for the adrenaline.

I marvel at the vision someone had to build this place but I will admit to being easily impressed. I guess it all comes down to those anchors holding the house on the rock. No matter how good the rock or the building they must be anchored properly. Too often these are the things I don’t take time to inspect until after the big storm.

It makes sense that anchor points seem to be needed in most areas of my life. No matter how great I am as a person my relationships cannot weather life’s strong storms without a stronger commitment to the other person. I sometimes ask questions that I don’t get to answer but I know I have a choice in the making. How much am I anchored in my Job? (I know that the real question is: “How valuable have I made myself to the company?”) How good of a friend am I in all my relationships (remind to to answer that one later, or not)?

This nice sloping rock is also a walkway or a driveway right to the house. I suspect I will pass this way again as the fishing is great, the wilderness is in me, and I have an open invite. It’s places like this that call me out to be a better person and remind me of who I need to become. I  am fortunate to know some people who are like this place, they are like a rock. I bet they have put down some solid anchor points in their life. They were trustworthy long before they were known as someone who could be trusted.

What kinds of things challenge you to keep becoming a better person? In my life I have found a solid rock in my relationship with God. He is my rock and I cannot impress him by anything I do. I can only know and follow. That relationship is only as good as I anchor.   I fish a lot and a couple of these pictures were taken from the lake. Sometimes I am more like my boat, just drifting wherever the wind blows. My prayer is that I will not be a drifter. That is my prayer for you as well.


Published by Gary Fultz

Outdoors Man, Hunter, Fisherman, Guide, Writer / Author, Photographer, Public Speaker, Musician, Song Writer, Story Teller, Follower Of Jesus. Love God and family and total strangers

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