House of Sunsets For Sale

OK, This page is a work in progress. The for sale link I like the best is posted at the bottom, but first you need to know the story pictures do not tell!

Perfect for retirement, One level living, underfloor heated house and garage so it’s toasty in the winter (especially if you love walking around in your stockings). Ideal for anyone physically challanged. Roll in and out of the house, garage and shower as well.

If you are a writer, artist, nature lover, hunt and fish or just want to grow a huge garden, this place is perhaps for you. The nearest town is seven miles. Go over the river, through some woods, between some field and over a small knoll and you are there. It’s about a half mile off the beaten path with 11 acres of field and woods with a beautiful sunset most evenings.

Watching the sunset from the 12 x 40 Front screen porch

    House of Light

Everyone should have a screen porch. This house has a front and back screen porch,  both 40 feet long and fully enclosed. The 2 bedrooms both have back doors into the back screen porch. What house has 15 windows 44 x 64 and five of them are in one of the bedrooms? What kitchen has four foot wide skylights?  Visitors often make similar comments “It feels like we are outside yet we are in a very nice house”.

The deer, bear and rabbits  seem to love the place and feel free to ransack the garden as well as look in the windows to watch us. This doe was bringing her fawn to the watch those curious humans (through the bedroom window) while chewing on deer popcorn (sumac and blackberry leaves).

This is one peaceful place. Built with the best materials, cushioned wood look in the commercial grade linoleum, New boiler for the in floor heat and cooled well with central air. We use the furnace and a gas fireplace as back up heat . If it was only used as a get-away place it would be worth it.

Along with an oversized two car garage there is a very nice Steelmaster Shed on a cement slab with a 10 foot overhead door for keeping the boat, Pickup, lawn mowers and ATVs out of the weather.

Here is the link to look further

Signiture eml


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