Fish Camp Pictures only a Slice of the Real Story

This is a place where we catch fish, Tell life stories, see changed lives and challenge one another to walk with God.

Shared comments: ” I want to know how to be a real man” (by a young male), “God changed my life last night”(and he was different), “Hey wife you sent me to a religious fishing camp” (my favorite as we spent time talking life’s hard issues and where is God in this pain). “I had the best nature walk ever this morning, I think God is giving me more capacity to enjoy his beauty”.

I have a boatload of stories. It’s not for everyone. It’s somewhat rustic sleeping in cabins, finding your own fish (with tips and some guidance), taking initiative to pick a lake and learn the best ways to get the most out of your adventure. I cannot make you catch fish anymore than I can make you know and trust our awesome creator or fall in love with camp oak hills. Maybe you just need to bring somebody who needs this kind of time in a boat or with someone whose life is being changed. There are a few os us around to help.

Hope to see you there, Best bring a boat and your rod or a friend with a boat if possible.

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