Unwinding Time

If I could stop the clock and unwind time. If only.

My thoughts as I have been converting old photos, slides and negatives to digital. Reliving feelings, adventures, projects,ย  kids, parents and siblings. Re-feeling hugs, challenges, adrenaline, splashing water. Re-hearing voices now gone, treasured moments and hard times.

Old Photo eml
Wow, now he has his own family (3 boys just like him)

I thought I would share this idea and a way to do this for those with old photos and extra time. The good news is that most of us with old pictures, negatives and slides can do it ourselves. This converter is working for me. It’s easy and works for me. I have done about 200 pictures so far. Check it out if interested. https://www.clearclick.tech/products/quickconvert-20-mp-photo-slide-negative-converter

Take a look at some of my photos. remember; If they are still good quality or poor quality, they transfer that way. You can put them into a program (provided) and help them a bit but a poor negative ends up being a very high resolution (14 or 22 mega pixel) poor picture. Here’s a slide show, just click on one and go from there.

Cliff diving, winter camping, leading wilderness trips, and family adventures. I realize you have no back story. You weren’t there to watch us cliff dive, sleep in a quinzhee at -38 degrees (F) in the remote wilderness, rescue a man from going over the waterfall then pose for a picture. Yes, those were quite tame deer. Yes, 35 years later all three kids on the 3 wheeler are still alive (we let our daughter do that????)

You have your own pictures and stories…put them out there. Now is a good time for this kind of project. You are welcome!

By the way, I do not get any $$ if you buy one of those machines…It just worked well for me. Those cliffs are still there if you want to do that. 55 feet up is a thrill but not a good time to practice landings. And yes, I know where lots of big fish are.

Published by Gary Fultz

Outdoors Man, Hunter, Fisherman, Guide, Writer / Author, Photographer, Public Speaker, Musician, Song Writer, Story Teller, Follower Of Jesus. Love God and family and total strangers

42 thoughts on “Unwinding Time

  1. What a wonderful project. I’m sure your family is enjoying the fruit of your work. Most of my siblings and Iโ€™s childhood is captured in slide format. Those slide projector wheels haven’t seen the light of day in decades. My parents have often talked of undertaking a conversion process but could never find accessible technology. I appreciate the link you shared. Enjoy your continuing journey down memory lane.

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    1. I hope it works for you Beth. My slides stored better than negatives and photos and they convert easily. The two pictures shown that were slides…winter trout and snowshoes winter camping, and the shot of my wife and I when much younger.
      I have about 400 more pictures to go through. editing software come with it also.

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    1. Oh yes, take more pictures Jim. I found myself hoping to find a picture of dad reading his Bible in the morning (a powerful memory of the secret to dads change as a husband and father) or mom in the garden in the sunrise (another memory),

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  2. My pleasure Bill. I hope to always adventure with whatever borders I find myself in. Someday I may write a book “How to Adventure”. Probably the longest chapter will be the disclaimers. However, the last chapter will be: “join me for the eternal adventure”


  3. Some may consider your life-stories as tall tales, not believing you’ve dived off a cliff, saved a man from going over a waterfall, slept in a quinzee (whatever THAT is!!) in -37 degree weather, etc. But you have the photos to prove it! No one can say Gary Fultz let life pass him by!

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    1. You are right Nancy, Truth sometimes seems a tall tale. Thanks for that comment. I don’t know what drives some people to live on the edges of risk adventure vs safe adventure. For our second honeymoon my wife and I went white water rafting (her idea). Some people think I am the risk taker of the family….Huh


    1. Thanks Jim, We are doing very well at the time. My gift is to embolden others around me(discipleship style) and I get to use it a lot these days…Invigorating.
      Health wise: for my wife and I – great!
      Handicapped daughter-high risk but we have agreed to meet at the left side of the gate

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    1. Well Karen, that explains some things about our fearless Tracy (and consequently our grandkids) Just ride in Tracy’s car in heavy city traffic…One gets closer to God. There are no atheists in her car. She could be a “Tour Guide for adrenaline junkies” This is why she joined a roofing crew while her husband waited tables through college.HMMMM…gotta hear some stories I’m thinking… LOL


  4. Thank you, Gary, for sharing your family, via pictures. These will be treasures for future generations. Be sure to put names to all of them. Mother saved older pictures of family, but some are not identified.

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    1. I know what you mean Francis, I plan on names and dates as best as I can. Sadly, I can’t remember all the names of teens I took deep into the wilderness about 20 trips worth as a Youth For Christ director. Family I remember for better or less than better.

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  5. I know Ted. I took an early retirement from a 10 hour a day job and moved back home to Northern Minnesota. My wife and daughter were incredibly lonely. Now I’m way off kilter. Still unpacking and fixing up the place. A race before winter comes. Thanks for your encouragement.


    1. Oh yes Cindy, why live, love, adventure, or even take risks half way? Even our severely handicapped daughter hugs people (sometimes strangers) as if she will never hug again. why do marriage or a relationship with God halfway? Why mentor young guys from my boat half way when I can help them buy and rebuild an old boat for the cost of lots of hard work together? And, about the virus, why die while we are living?


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