The Beholden

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Counter to popular opinion it’s there weather (intended) anyone validates the event or not. If a tree falls in the forest…Yes it made a sound. Yes I caught a big fish; quite a few actually. Maybe the bigger questions: “Do we look?” Where does importance lie? With us?

A whole lot of people saw this sunset but only my wife and I watched this from our front screen porch. Perspective is important but the beholden probably more.

Just a thought as I post a bunch of pictures…Maybe we long to be a part of something much bigger than us. It’s July 4, I am an American. A rather proud one at that.

Sunset2,  6-6-16  email
Flag and sunset

I suppose the sun will set for America someday. I know it will set for each of us and set the next day when we are gone. Could it be the beholden, as magnificent as our sense of beauty allows, is merely a reminder. A sign that we should live, touch, feel, and behave with each moment in the context of Eternity. Fishing Tackle email

My relationship with our Creator draws me in many common ways. From Grandiose wonder to depths of intimacy.   Strange to some I guess.

Meanwhile I am organizing the tackle to take someone fishing again…all with eternity in mind! If my boat could communicate…From laughter to heart-ache, the stories and themes between fish easily overlap the right now—Eternity. No wasting sunsets please!

Oscar Fish email

Liz crappie email

Sunset COFA Fish Camp



Published by Gary Fultz

Outdoors Man, Hunter, Fisherman, Guide, Writer / Author, Photographer, Public Speaker, Musician, Song Writer, Story Teller, Follower Of Jesus. Love God and family and total strangers

4 thoughts on “The Beholden

  1. I have come to the belief that every sunrise or sunset I see God created for me. I don’t mean it to come across as egotistical or self-centered, or anything. I know it sounds absurd. But just as you and your wife were the only ones who could have seen that sunset from your porch, I was the only one who could see it from my car – at that moment – right when God said, “I made that for you – to praise me.” If God can speak to you where you are at the same time He speaks to me where I am, why can’t He make that sunset I see for me to see? The God of nations is still God in His intimacy with you and me.


    1. I completely agree Anthony. Because of your personal relationship with God, a sunset can lead to an intimate moment with the savior. meanwhile An agnostic might possibly sense but a whisp of something spiritual.

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  2. Gary – very inspiring message. You are wondrously creative. How is your life insurance business going. Do you have any idea how much a million dollar policy costs me at my age?

    Stay in touch, jdb




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