Angry Beaver (A reposted article)

Vicious beaver
Here I was, minding my own business on an absolutely calm evening with the lake all to myself.  I was catching a load of crappies from a canoe barely drifting through the moon lit evening.  I just about tipped the canoe when the water was torpedoed by this angry beaver.  This beaver demon was acting out the lake equivalent of road rage.  Evidently the lake was not big enough for the two of us so the big old beaver stalked me wherever I went while slapping the water with his tail.  It’s possible that in the beaver world the tail slap must be perfected to sound like someone was throwing big boulders off a cliff into the water.  I was convinced. My best theory says he had just overdosed on sugar maple trees!
I finally went after him because the crappies quit biting.  The beaver dove and disappeared, the frogs started croaking “jaws” music as daylight was gone; Even the moon was trying to get behind a cloud as its normal aura was being disgraced. A strange sense of evil settled about me so I quickly turned to look for the landing.
I began having visions of the beaver eating my only wood paddle as I picked up the pace to get to the safety of shore while pronouncing blessings on the early beaver trappers in this country.  Crappie fishing might never have been discovered without those trappers.  I began to realize that the light was fading in a dead heat with my grip on reality!
Strange things happen in the dark! Our mind adds to the strangeness, and literally if unchecked, the mind can become completely irrational. I don’t remember feeling fear for my life or anything (and I wouldn’t admit it if I did), but that beaver surely became a monster in the water that I didn’t want to agitate anymore. I would really rather face a bear than a vicious underwater monster that eats big trees for a living! Lately I have solved the problem by bringing three paddles!
These are the things people laugh about by day and yet experience by night. What is it about the mind that can manufacture embodiments of fear in dark places? Is it possible that darkness has its own powers? Could it be that the absence of light is a camouflaged environment for evil? Whatever people think about the darkness, it’s easier to do wrong in the night. It’s easier to deceive and be deceived in the dark. It’s easier to imagine that unseen and undiscovered evil feels OK in a darkened mind. Dare I say we have all had evil thoughts in the darkness of our mind? The next step is acting out those evil thoughts and it seems to occupy quite a bit of the news. Wars come from the dark and I was about to declare war on all beavers.
    I spent the next time fishing during the daylight hours only. I switched lakes for the rest of the summer noticing that my facial twitches were less where there was no beaver sign. I began to stay late again after the sign of the cross in the sky appeared over the tree line. The sign of God’s restoration plan for all mankind affects me.  I know it was two jets crossing paths but this lingered for the last hour of the day. It reminded me that without God there would only be darkness in me. Sometimes I try to imagine that kind of darkness and I cannot go there.
Light came into the world again
    About that beaver; He is back at the lodge telling the little ones a bed time story about his latest dangerous mission, driving away a terrible threat to the beaver kingdom and their way of life. The little beavers ah… in unison as he brings out a piece of a canoe paddle and lays it on the mantel.
Truth: 1) I took a picture of an angry beaver, he followed me everywhere and ruined my fishing, and I have a bit of an imagination sometimes.
2) God is light, we are not.
3) If there is light in us; it’s Jesus himself shining through us (that’s a lot of lumen s).
4) I really was catching a lot of crappies till that beaver started stalking me!
              Gary D

Published by Gary Fultz

Outdoors Man, Hunter, Fisherman, Guide, Writer / Author, Photographer, Public Speaker, Musician, Song Writer, Story Teller, Follower Of Jesus. Love God and family and total strangers

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