When Morning Comes

In this place the rhythms of nature seed a longing for the wild into senses of my life virtually undiscovered. The rapids storming into the lake a mile away, dozens of various song-birds and throaty frogs line the shores with an orchestrated sound menagerie. Two bald eagles chirping nearby at their nest and a distantContinue reading “When Morning Comes”

Dare to Adventure

The entrance to a narrow waterway from the canoe (according to our map) looked like we might not fit between the rocks. In the wilderness there are no signs to tell of dangerous rapids, impassable waterways, or floating bog areas.  There are no signs to tell you it’s a dead-end after two miles of heavyContinue reading “Dare to Adventure”

Adventures for Story Tellers

Yep, it’s an old picture but the story tells better with age! Trip #57 to the Boundary Water Canoe Area Wilderness is about to begin. Another great bunch of guys and six days traveling lakes and portages that are almost the same as centuries have weathered the landscape. I’m going to get tons of storyContinue reading “Adventures for Story Tellers”