Cold Spots-Warm Heart?

70 degrees in the sun, 30 degrees in the shade

    Stand in the right place and get a sunburn on one side of your body and freeze the other side that didn’t catch the heat from the sun.    There were spots of snow in this high meadow where the sun was blocked from reaching certain areas.    Have you ever had God speak to you through a visual object lesson? I did right here.    “Gary, you have a warm heart towards me, most people, and my creation. But, There are cold spots in your heart that you hide from the Son”    What does a guy say to that? My response was “not now Lord I think I am getting altitude sickness ! Besides I’m elk hunting…shhhh.    Honestly, I’m still trying to hide a few of the cold spots from the creator. how dumb is that? OK, even more honest here, I’m trying not to admit that I have XXX amount of cold spots. Is there such a thing as PR damage control in front of God?    “Lord I need a job and you want to talk about a few snow spots on my warm heart?” Recognize that tactic?    “Why are you bringing my driving habits to mind when I’m miles from the nearest road? Stupid people deserve to be yelled at!” OK my heart rate is increasing. “Then there is this matter of forgiving a certain person…That’s enough Lord, one thing at a time!”    Maybe you have been there? Maybe you have avoided the shady spots in your life? Maybe you don’t ever intend to let the Son shine in all places of your heart. If you are like me, I need some not so gentle reminders that winter is coming. It’s getting colder outside.    It’s now a week (as I write this) later in the meadow and a foot of snow covers everything. My heart still has some cold spots but the Son is getting through. It’s a humbling process as I tremble to think of the alternative to ones whole being turning cold to those around me, my circumstances, and my Creator.    I truely want to keep a warm heart toward my most important relationships. So my prayer in the mountain meadow. “Don’t let me grow cold Lord Jesus, do what it takes to melt the cold spots”.  3 miles above elk camp. A few feet away from the warm sun.”

3 miles above elk camp. A few feet away from the warm sun.


About Gary Fultz

Outdoors Man, Hunter, Fisherman, Guide, Writer / Author, Photographer, Public Speaker, Musician, Song Writer, Story Teller, Follower Of Jesus, day job.
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