Fishing: with Adventure Possibilities

Bald Eagle fly-by

I love fishing. I love adventure. I love being out in a wilderness setting with a rod, gun, and a camera. I absolutely enjoy the rush of insight gained about, God;  who created all of it and knowing He hears when I whisper in awe of the moment, “Thank you Jesus, Thank you. What an awesome God you are”. So I’ll share with you yesterday afternoons adventure with my brother, Dwight.

Still wet from his bath he is hanging out his wings in the slight breeze to dry

The pike were at it again; but we had to work for them. I picked up the camera when Dwight spotted this bald eagle in the reeds on the edge of the lake taking a bath. It’s not often you catch an eagle in all their majesty in an indisposed state. I guess we all get dirty and need a bath sometime. After 30 pictures or so I realized I probably missed a lot of good shots as I watched this huge eagle begin the drying process. He seemed not to mind us in lieu of enjoying himself. After his fly-by and looking at the size of his claws, I see why we didn’t seem a threat to him. I get the feeling he knew he could take us!

As we kept drift fishing the crappies started a very soft bite. Two loud trumpets started going off in the quiet evening and turned out to be trumpeter swans that flew right over us and checked out our little lake. They live up to their name as we probably heard them a mile away.

Watching us drift fish

A beaver splashed at us and climbed out of the water;

Dwight with first keeper

heading up a steep bank for who knows where. Loons came by, visited us then continued on. The sun set on the west end of the lake as a                        huge moon began to show itself. on the eastern horizon.  “It’s hard to leave the lake on an evening like this,” Dwight commented. What an evening. What an adventure. I’m so thankful that my creator gave us the capability to be amazed and enjoy the beauty, love adventure, and communicate to others in some small way.

What are your favorite adventures? Please make your comments below


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