Looking For…Signs of Life

Spring is finally here in northern Minnesota.  Winter could not hold it back anymore! I am always so amazed at the tenacity of new life and the signs of life pushing fall and winters death aside. It’s natures “Picture Truth”of Easter and it’s story of Life over death

Yesterday the lake was partially filled with broken ice cubes at one end. The open water in the last 24 hours already had loons, ducks, and a muskrat enjoying a swim. The frogs sang loudly on the edges and in the nearby swamps as my friend Joe and I were first to canoe this little northern Minnesota lake. The willow branches are puffy white and the maples are already being tapped for their sap to make maple syrup by the locals.

That which is alive is showing itself in blossoms, buds, nests, song, and new growth.  I’ll say it again, it’s natures version of Easter.

I get revved up about the fishing coming soon, but I have to pause and look for all the signs of life all around. just as spring cannot be held back, neither can the signs of life be hidden. Life conquers death every spring . Life grows and the dead decays; very simple. It’s no different than people except that people can be dead spiritually (no ongoing relationship with God) and still be walking around physically alive. Spring in our life is when we are made alive by God and the signs of spring begin to appear.

    Even from a distance you can see that one birch tree is fully alive and the other is dying. One will leaf out in a couple of weeks from the forming buds and the other will stay the same. I watch these trees every day out my windows over the back deck. I know them well. One is growing and one is dying. The dead birch will still look good for the most part because the birch bark outer shell won’t rot for years. The inside is already part rotten and punky  inside.  Like people the real life comes from the inside. One of my favorite Quotes was from Jesus in the Bible where He said “I have come that you might have Life, and that you might have it more abundantly” (John 10:10)

 Are you alive?Really alive? Showing signs of Life and not dead on the inside? Are you blossoming? pushing through the dead stuff in your life and growing?

Big pike in BWCA ...Fun

Those who know me know that I come alive fishing and being in the wilderness. But if you really know me, my aliveness comes from the inside. I have my passions and they are even more alive then ever. not only alive, but kept alive through a personal and daily interaction with Jesus (yes the same one who didn’t stay dead on Easter and yes, for real).

Read a good example in an earlier blog called “Food For Thought” (this happens to me once in a while and is commonplace for those who spend time with God and allow His spirit to work in their lives). It’s a great story

One Last thought as an axiom of how life works “If you are not growing…You are Dying” To the degree your roots gain nourishment every day, is the degree the signs of spring and life will be seen in you. Now I’m not talking spiritual injections here. non of this “I prayed a prayer once stuff, or I go to church once a week, or I’m a good person”.  I’m talking about an interactive life with the God of the Universe and His Spirit (who gives and sustains life). The one who didn’t stay dead and wants to make us alive cause we’re born dead and need his life in us to be alive….ya that stuff!

What are your thoughts on this? what things do you put into your life to grow? It’s not always spring in my life either…It’s actually been a long winter for me but I am growing.

    Gary Fultz

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Outdoors Man, Hunter, Fisherman, Guide, Writer / Author, Photographer, Public Speaker, Musician, Song Writer, Story Teller, Follower Of Jesus. Love God and family and total strangers

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