Spring and new growth

Watching the sunrise each morning Its just good for the soul!

It’s spring from natures point of view. What was frozen is now thawing a little more each day here in northern Minnesota.

Last week my wife and I watched the sunrise each morning from a vacation condo deck overlooking Table Rock lake Missouri. It’s fully spring there as the tree buds have leafed out, dogwood blossoms whiten the wooded hills,  and the crappies and bass are staging near their spawning areas.

The geese are another sign of spring

It’s not hard to spot the signs of spring. New growth is all around. The birds are claiming territory and building nests, the fish are doing the same.

We couldnt resist keeping some fish for an easter fish fry back home

Cheryl and I intentionally got away this spring to focus on our future together. We played miniature golf, fished, watched sunrises and sunsets together. We tried some new foods and cooked for each other. We discussed our priorities with our hopes and dreams and our commitments. We prayed, talked, walked the steep trails, got sun-burnt, and took a lot of pictures. We made plans, set some goals, and vowed to go back to this great place. After all the fishing is great and the natives are so friendly you might find yourself in someones nice boat!

We found ourselves in captain Ricks LaPoints boat...what a guide and what a blast

    Finally, A discovery or an insight by My wife. She said to me; “It has been winter in our lives for a very long time. I think spring is finally coming to us” 

Change is hard. Spring is a great time to observe but hard to let happen in our lives. I wonder how many of us are stuck in winter Spiritually in our walk with God? How many are frozen in place in our marriage,  emotionally,  a bad job, or just comfortable with your status quo life?

What observations do you have about the seasons that hit our lives? what is easy and what is hard? Make your comments below


Time on the condo deck

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