Fishing, Do it Right

Last week: wilderness fishing- roasting brats over a fire- doing it right...Thanks Uncle Jim

Planning an outing on the ice, in a boat, or walking through the woods can be great; Why not make it Fantastic!

I am a die hard fisherman, hunter , and wilderness adventurer. I tend to grab the basics and go. Auger, bait, minnows, gun, ammo, canoe, boat, water bottle, and I’m good. In my history of great trips, I have forgotten tents, extra rods, matches, extra clip, and yes even the canoe paddle on a solo fishing outing. I even caught a couple of walleye on the still lake using a long dead stick like a kayak paddle but it was ten times the work getting around the lake. It was exponential work after it broke in the middle (ya- both the lake and the stick).

Grandkids have a bigger smile on pop and chips

When my son was in junior high he made a comment (because I’m slow at catching hints) that he loved fishing with uncle Mark. I took the bait and asked why. “Because when I’m not catching fish it’s still fun!” was his reply. “Why” I asked “is Marks boat funner than mine?” Thankfully I have not forgot his answer; “because uncle Mark always has pop and chips. Sometimes he has the little gas grill and hot dogs and sometimes…Alright alright” I said mentally checking my wallet.

Top Photo tip for fishermen: never show the gas grill on the ice!

I have since learned that guiding clients professionally and taking kids fishing will be successful based on about three things. Was it fun? Did you catch fish? Let me translate that for you in layers. Layer #1 Was the guide fun to be with? Layer #2 Did he tell great stories? Layer #3 Did you have great food and snacks in the boat or was he one of those health nuts? Layer #4 What kind of boat did you fish out of? Layer #5 Did you get a lot of fish?  Layer #6 Did you get any big fish? Finally they ask “did you get a shore lunch?”     For kids I use a special pop batter and roll the fillets in the crushed chips in the bottom of the bag. When I tell adults about it they say “How come we don’t get that?”  (sigh…I have a long ways to go!) “Eat your fish jerky and after you eat the beans you can dip out of the lake for a drink, Oh, and make sure you sharpen your fillet knife! cutting the cans open might be hard on the edge. Here’s another band aid…muttering…I must have lost the forks”.

We snuck out of the house for a couple hours. The women thought we were in the garage!

Fishing by itself is fantastic for some of us, but most people need a lot of garnish for a fantastic experience.

Last night my wife and I were involved in a church committee meeting. Planning spiritual growth for our teachers and the lives of the kids, you know, really important stuff with eternal perspectives…got your engine roaring with that-didn’t I (not…I heard that!)

I mixed up my special venison hamburger with salsa and other special seasonings and made nice patties, grilled them with two kinds of brats. Baked beans simmered with fresh onions  with a nice jello salad were served with all kinds of fresh garnishes to add. In the middle of the committee meeting we had an overly good chocolate cake with ice cream (My wife’s birthday…thanks Kathy for remembering for me).

Ha, I just changed your opinion of coming to one of our committee meetings didn’t I!

Now the kicker! I will be guiding a limited number of clients fishing this year. I’m going to do it right! You just got smacked with an advertisement but it’s gonna be great! I have pop and chips and a can opener…(and some whittled one of a kind diamond willow forks!)  Who wants to go fishing and hunting? “ON CALL GUIDES inc.” coming soon.

Gary Fultz

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