>Dream…………………a little………….. by Gary Fultz

>There are days when my creativity goes off the charts…literally. I just got off the Internet trying to figure out a way to host a fund raising / fishing trip to Haiti with 50% of the proceeds going to buy fishing equipment for Haitian fishermen who need it to feed their family and expand the infrastructure of the economy in Haiti. I thinks it’s a great dream!
When I come home to roost some days I have not accomplished a thing. It’s frustrating to be a dreamer who is accomplishment and production oriented and find I didn’t initiate steps toward accomplishing  (at least one of the thousand) the vision. Why is it so easy to stand in one spot? Lazy?…maybe. Don’t know what the next step is?…often. Need help from others?…probable. Need more money and time than you think you have?…definitely. Need some encouragement?…yes-always!
    Most of us stay somewhere on the chart between dreams and being an initiator.

                                   How many steps to the peak from here???
    Somewhere between the level ground where we presently stand…and the mountains to conquer in the distance…a thought turns into an idea and grows into a dream. Most of us have dreams that we know deep down will never be realized and we seem to be content with that. The path to fulfilling those dreams is usually expensive, hard, stressful, and probably full of sacrifice. What would it take to reach the mountain peaks from here? What would it take to write and publish a book, travel around the world, visit the child in Somalia you sponsored the last five years, help take shoes to a remote village in the Amazon rain-forest?
    I had the privilege of interviewing a potential candidate as a member of a search team for a leadership position. I was excited by his reply to my question to him “describe your views on…and how you dream and accomplish vision”. No hesitation as he said “Vision is a great thing. It’s a must to reach for the stars. However…one must dream, have vision, get others on board with a shared vision, then quit dreaming…roll up your sleeves and accomplish that vision before you go dreaming again”.
    2011 I am taking all of January to dream. I am using the other 11 months to accomplish those dreams. That’s the plan anyway. Will I have to stop and dig some cactus out of my foot on the way to the mountain peaks?…maybe. Will I have to cross some rivers?…I see one already. Will I get tired?…probably. Will there be sacrifice I don’t even know about?…absolutely. Will I quit and be comfortable with just dreaming?…I better not!
    There is too much at stake not to dream (for those who think they can’t), it’s a lose – lose in life.. Every one lives out their life…might as well be traveling toward the mountain peaks…using trails or breaking a trail for those to come. It’s OK to rest by the camp-fire for awhile but get up and go again. Like the song says “saddle up your horses, we’ve got a trail to lay

Thanks Tim for taking this picture out the pickup window in Colorado on our elk hunting trip
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